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What Causes Internet Stuttering and How to Fix it?

What Causes Internet Stuttering and How to Fix it?

Internet connectivity is vital in today’s era. You need the support of a fast and reliable internet connection to accomplish almost all of your daily tasks, whether personal or professional. The internet offers instant access to information reserves online, allows you to communicate with your loved ones through social media and other messaging platforms, gives you the freedom to order groceries on the web, and even start a business online. By getting a solid in-home network like Cox WiFi, you can surf endlessly, stream your favorite shows on Netflix, play countless games with your teammates from across the world, take virtual consultations with your physician, send in your work reports on time, so on and so forth. The list of benefits is never-ending. 

This is how internet technology has come to penetrate our lives, bringing more ease and convenience than ever before. While new and better iterations of internet connectivity are being developed as we speak, the technology itself is far from perfect. There is still a long way to go. People face several network errors frequently even if they subscribe to top-notch services in the telecom market. One of the most common connection problems is internet stuttering. You must be wondering what is internet stuttering? When your internet connection freezes for a second out of the blue, halts your online activities, and resumes its function, but then, freezes again and returns to normal after some time, and so on. This repetitive disruption in your connectivity is called internet stuttering. 

Such an unnatural network spasm can buffer your streaming videos, break up your conference calls, put your downloads on indefinite hiatus and result in packet loss for gamers. What causes internet stuttering and how can you fix it? Let’s find out below.

What Causes Internet Stuttering?

To diagnose the cause of this network problem, you need to head down to its roots. Here are a few things that might be instigating this whole fiasco:

Ruptured Cables 

People who live in the cities usually have a cable-based internet connection, such as DSL, coaxial, or fiber. Cable connections are faster and more stable. However, they are also susceptible to wear and tear. So, begin your search for the cause of internet stuttering by examining the network cables running into your home. Any tear in the cable jacket can lead to moisture infiltration from rain or other water sources, which can easily disrupt the flow of electrical signals through the wiring, creating stutters.

 What Causes Internet Stuttering and How to Fix it?

Misplaced Router

Hardly anyone, besides hardcore gamers, uses an Ethernet connection. Most people rely on in-home Wi-Fi to conduct their everyday online activities. What powers your wireless network is a networking device, called a router. A router is responsible for circulating data packets between the web servers and the connected devices in an area. A major cause of internet stuttering could be an overburdened router. If too much traffic flows through the router continuously, it can slow down its performance. Or, your router could be outdated or not updated, giving rise to network lags. Moreover, Wi-Fi obstructers, such as microwave ovens or baby monitors, may also be tampering with the flow of signals to your devices.

Insufficient Bandwidth

Your internet is stuttering because you’re running out of bandwidth or the allowable data per month. To confirm this, check your internet plan. If it has data caps, then you may be close to reaching the limit or you may have already overridden them, impelling your ISP to restrict your bandwidth and cause internet stuttering. Internet stuttering can also happen due to an internet outage in an area or some technical difficulties at your provider’s end. Too many devices connected at the same time can also cause internet stuttering. 

How to Fix Internet Stuttering?

Here are a few quick fixes you can implement to repair your stuttering connection:

  • Replace the worn-out network cables with new ones, in case you come across infrastructure damage.
  • Keep your network cables in a moisture-free zone.
  • If your cable connectors or splitters have caught rust over time, make sure to replace them as well.
  • See if the cables are plugged in the proper outlets.
  • Place your router in an open, centralized area. Do not put it inside a cupboard, next to a window, near a wall, or on the floor. 
  • Use a Wi-Fi extender to cover the dead spots in your house.
  • Reboot your router often to help it overcome the traffic burden and streamline its performance.
  • Switch your router’s frequency to the less-crowded 5GHz channel to make sure it doesn’t overlap with microwave ovens or other wireless devices in the area.
  • Update your router’s firmware with the latest security patches and bug fixes to keep your network safe from malware.
  • Use a strong Wi-Fi password and change your DNS server to brush off internet hackers and Wi-Fi hogs.
  • Upgrade your router and other networking devices every three years to stay on top of the game.
  • Allocate the bandwidth properly between the users in your household to avoid peak traffic times, network congestion, and hitting your monthly data cap.
  • Subscribe to a high-speed internet plan with unlimited data, preferably.
  • In case of internet outages, reach out to your ISP’s customer support, report the incident and wait it out patiently. 

Wrapping Up

Internet stuttering can seriously put a damper on your mood. So, use this post to learn its causes, and fix the issue to get back to your streaming, gaming, shopping, browsing, and other online activities instantly.