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What Happens When You Have No Car Insurance?

What Happens When You Have No Car Insurance?

Buying car insurance is one of the most important steps each vehicle owner should take. Indeed, you never know what to expect on the road and which situation might occur to you. Even if your driving skills are impeccable, there are hundreds of people that can crash into you. Such experts as a Personal Injury Lawyer Las Vegas warn: one of the worst things that complicate everything in case you have a car accident is the lack of car insurance. 

Still, due to many reasons, people decide not to buy it. Car insurance is quite pricey, and for some people paying it for many years becomes more expensive than the price of the vehicle itself. But is not getting insurance at all really a good way to save money? 

Consequences of having no insurance are huge

If your question is how to drive a car with no car insurance, you still have to be aware of the consequences you might face. Depending on the country, the punishment can be different. For instance, in the U.S., you’ll get a ticket for not having insurance in every state, apart from New Hampshire. Only this state in New England allows you to purchase surety bonds or make a cash deposit to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as proof of your financial responsibility, rather than buying traditional auto insurance. But this will cost you a fortune.

The penalty also depends on a state and on the driving record of a driver. If it’s your second or the third plus one, get ready to pay a couple of thousands of dollars. The first ticket will cost you between $500 and $5000, depending on the area. The most expensive for no car insurance drivers is Massachusetts, with almost 5k for the first ticket.

So those who drive cars without insurance in order to save money can waste much more on tickets or the damages in case of an accident. All U.S. states are very strict about the insurance policy. In New Hampshire, where insurance isn’t needed, you still have to prove you have enough money to pay damages and medical bills when you cause a collision.

 What Happens When You Have No Car Insurance?

What’s at stake when you drive with no insurance

This is the list of other consequences you might bear for driving without insurance:

Jail time– in Montana, for instance, you can spend 10 days in jail for driving with no car insurance. In New York, it would be 15 days. In South Carolina -up to 30-45 days. In West Virginia, mountain mama, those who drive without car insurance can stay in jail even up to 1 year. So, before hitting country roads, remember to make sure you have all the necessary documents for it.

Points on your license – if you lose to many you lose your license. 

The suspension of your license, registration, and/or plates – yes, depending on the state, your license will be suspended for a different period of time. In Alabama, it’s 45 days, in Alaska- 90. In Vermont, you’ll get your license back only after you prove that you have got car insurance. In New York, license and registration could be revoked for up to three years if you don’t provide proof of insurance within a specified timeframe.

Having your vehicle impounded – in such states as New York or California, an officer may choose to impound your vehicle. Other states can also choose it as an additional part of the penalty combined with a fee one has to pay.

Court fees and reinstatement fees – these can go into thousands of dollars. 

Bottom line

So, sometimes driving a car with no insurance can indeed save you some money. The price of it is quite high, and it’s the most common reason that makes people not want to get insurance. Especially those whose car price is not very high, reckon that driving without this document is completely possible and even necessary. 

However, your attempt to save money can turn out to destroy your financial future. Not only can you get a ticket or have your vehicle impounded, but you even can land in jail. The worst scenario for those who drive with no insurance is a car accident. But no one is protected from this kind of situation. And thinking that it will never happen to you might be immature and irresponsible. 

Invest your time and money into buying car insurance, and it will always give you security and safety. Don’t let your financial stability get damaged by thinking that you can trick the law. Drive safely and calmly without worrying about being fined for not having all the necessary documents.