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What You Might Forget When Designing a Home

Kitchen with island and shelves

Designing a home is a huge task, especially if you have no experience with architecture or interior design. Although you might instantly have ideas for the big features of your home, such as your dining room table and sofas, there are many smaller aspects of your home design that are all too easy to completely forget about until it is too late. As such, here are a few small quality-of-life enhancements that you should not forget when designing your home. 

1. Garbage Disposal

One of the most basic aspects of your home design that it is important not to forget is garbage disposal. Garbage disposal is important if you want to keep your home clean, hygienic and free of bad odors. As such, garbage disposal is one of the first elements that you should think about when you are designing the perfect kitchen for your family. For instance, garbage disposal units from Insinkerator can help you to keep control of your waste and can ensure that you always have a reliable way to get rid of the waste that may otherwise plague your home. 

2. Plug Sockets 

Every home needs plug sockets, and these have become even more important since the advent of technology, as households now have many more gadgets that need to be charged or plugged in to use. From mobile phones to televisions, these all need plug sockets at some point during their life cycle to operate. Then, you should ensure that your house contains ample plug sockets so that your family does not spend their time fighting over them. 

 Close-up on kitchen work area with electrical outlet and shelf

3. Shelving

Storage is vital if you want to have a tidy home and ensure that clutter is not lying around each of your rooms with no permanent place to go. One of the best storage options for ornaments, books, and plants is shelving, as shelving can help you to display your most prized possessions neatly and find what you need easily. However, many people forget to add shelving to their original home design plans. Working out where your vertical storage is going to go can make a large difference to your room, though, and so it is important to do this early on in the process. 

4. Space Around Cupboards and Doors

When you are installing cupboards and doorways into your home, you should always make sure that there is ample space around these fixtures, or else you may find that your walls and any other furniture blocking their path get damaged easily. This can also make your cupboards and doors frustrating to use as you will not be able to get them open fully. As such, you should ensure that your rooms are spacious and that you do not crowd them. 

5. WiFi 

You should also consider where your WiFi router is going to go within your home, as this can impact your internet speed and reliability. You should make sure that you place your router in a central location within the house and ensure that it is located in a position where it will not get knocked easily. This will then ensure that you can connect to strong internet whenever you need it for work or leisure.