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Wind and Solar-Powered Ecocapsule by Nice Architects

Nice Architects

Nice Architects have developed the Ecocapsule, a self-sufficient portable pod that uses solar and wind energy. It was designed as a self contained system which is able to sustain long periods of time without external resources. Something in terms of Swiss-army knife –It packs everything you need. 

Long term independence is mostly matter of strategy how to harness and reuse every kind of energy available. Dual power system containing high efficiency solar cells and silent wind turbine allow to bypass periods without sufficient sunlight or wind. Produced energy is stored in the batteries to power all onboard systems — the Ecocapsule includes a 9,744 watt-hour battery, which is charged by a built-in 750-watt wind turbine, and 2.6 square meters of solar panels. .Thick layer of efficient thermal insulation and energy recuperation significantly reduce thermal losses. It’s round shape helps to collect rain water and a series of membrane filters allow to fill tanks from any natural water source. 

This system allows for someone to live in the pod for a year, depending on the location.  Check out Ecocapsule’s website here.

 2-wind-and-solar-powered-ecocapsule-by-nice-architects 3-wind-and-solar-powered-ecocapsule-by-nice-architects 4-wind-and-solar-powered-ecocapsule-by-nice-architects 5-wind-and-solar-powered-ecocapsule-by-nice-architects 6-wind-and-solar-powered-ecocapsule-by-nice-architects 7-wind-and-solar-powered-ecocapsule-by-nice-architects

all images courtesy of Nice Architects