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Wooden Cloth – Extendable Table by Nathalie Dackelid


Wooden Cloth by Swedish designer Nathalie Dackelid is a wood table that’s designed to grow or shrink with your needs. “The table is designed to adapt itself in size to the many different situations in life, prolonging its usefulness,” expalin Nathalie. “My intention is that the lifetime of the wood will determine the lifetime of the table.” This could be a move to larger apartment, accommodating a few extra friends fro dinner, or just freeing up a little extra space at your place.

To extend the table you grab the handle under the wooden cloth and drag it toward you. To contract it, just push and roll the side. The table is made of locally grown ash and has finish of transparent Oslo oil.


2-wooden-cloth-extendable-table-by-nathalie-dackelid 3-wooden-cloth-extendable-table-by-nathalie-dackelid 4-wooden-cloth-extendable-table-by-nathalie-dackelid

all images © STEVEN POLAK – video courtesy of NATHALIE DACKELID | H/t fastcodesign