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YouTube Video Transaction: Easy Ways To Do the Job

YouTube Video Transaction: Easy Ways To Do the Job

It often happens that people need to transcribe video to text. This is a monotonous and tiring job. You need to work a lot to perform a video transcription on your own. Do you have that time? You should use transcription services instead.

Why would you need video transcription? There are lots of reasons for users to look for a video transcript. In some cases, it is necessary to download the subtitles to understand the content better.

In other cases, you need to convert speech to text online for notes taking. The reasons are endless. And the only way to manage the process fast is to use a transcription service online. Let’s see what the most working methods to perform video transcription are.

Video transcription online: how to convert speech into text easily

On the Internet, you can find a whole lot of video transcription services. Some of them perform their features perfectly, while others are quite poorly working. Let’s see what the most working and easy ways to work with video transcription are.

YouTube automated transcript generation

If you want to transcribe a video from YouTube, you don’t need other services. Using this app will be enough. All you need is a YouTube and an online editor on your laptop.

Your task is to open the video and find the transcript. In most cases, there are subtitles. But if the owner doesn’t present a professional transcript, you can ask for automatic transcript generation.

Then you need to copy the necessary lines or the whole transcript. It is the easiest way to receive a full text. But let’s consider a few more methods for easy and efficient methods.

 YouTube Video Transaction: Easy Ways To Do the Job

Google Documents

This is another easy method that many people use. What should you do to transcribe the video? The process is quite simple. Your task is to turn on the voice recorder which is built-in Google Documents.

The recorder will identify the speech from the video that you turn on simultaneously. When the video is over, the recorder will present the text.

This method is less complicated. But you never know if Google Doc manages the whole text correctly. So, you should check the transcript and see if there are mistakes.

Professional services for transcription

Now we move to the last part of the guide. If you didn’t like how previous methods worked, you could try another one. On the web, you can find different apps and programs to manage video transcription.

There are plenty of them. Some of the apps are free, while others ask for some fee. If you want to try a new app, you should start with a free version. It is better to try several apps before you buy a Pro version.

These apps have the same principle of work. You should turn on the microphone and launch the video. The app will record the sound and perform the text.

The difference between these apps is in the quality of the transcript. You can receive a perfectly written text using Transcriberry service. Or you can see how the app failed to render the message. Also, the speed factor can be important.

Do you need to record a live conference? If you need an urgent and simultaneous transcript, you should choose more proficient apps. Not only professional versions can help you. In some cases, they even work worse than a free one. If you need to transcribe an important meeting fast, try to look for app options beforehand. This way, you will be sure to receive a good result.

Final Words

Transcribing the videos is a challenging task. If you decide to do it manually, you can regret your choice. There are so many things to do. You need to listen to the video, stop it, and turn it on again hundreds of times. Do you need to do it?

You don’t have to spend hours trying to manage the transcripts of the video when there are so many professional methods to cope with the task. Choose one of them and enjoy a complete transcript almost instantly.