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Zebra Blinds: The Hottest New Trend in Window Dressing

Details of white fabric roller blinds on the plastic window with wood texture in the living room
Details of white fabric roller blinds on the plastic window with wood texture in the living room

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Zebra blinds are invading the market with a huge demand from blinds installers to interior designers. These blinds are a great alternative to the ordinary slatted blinds and come in all materials and colors. So, you know that these are very popular, but what really is a zebra blind?

What Are Zebra Blinds?

Zebra blinds are slatted horizontal blinds which work in a double layered system that you can change between sheer and private. Just as the name suggests, these blinds often resemble the creatures they are named for when they are transitioned to the open position. 

They are dual layered slatted blinds; most often their transitions depend on a chain to the side of the blinds, like a typical set of blinds. The unique part of these blinds is when you move the chain, the slats rotate and are spaced in such a way that it goes from looking like one solid blind to a row of stripes, resembling a zebra. Ever other slat on the length of the zebra blind is a sheer space, so as the blinds move to overlap or open, it will either cover the sheer sections, or they will line up and allow light to filter through.

As with all other blinds, zebra blinds will also roll all the way up if you want full window exposure. Each zebra blind that is installed comes with a fully customizable cassette headrail in which the blinds fold up out of sight with ease.

What Are the Benefits of Zebra Blinds?

Zebra blinds allow you to choose how light or how dark you want a room. With the multiple options available to consumers in both size, shape, style, and color, there are no limitations to how a person can decorate their home or office. Zebra blinds offer a nice modern look to any room, allowing a person to completely control the amount of natural light they want to allow into any area. This is a great way to take advantage of location and what direction a room is facing. 

Another great benefit to zebra blinds is that they are great for additional insulation over the windows. Because of their dual layers, zebra blinds offer insulation to the elements, which will save the consumer more overall on their heating and cooling bills. This is due to their dual layer style as well as the fabric which consists of the whole “sheet”. These blinds are one solid sheet of fabric with slats installed at even intervals, adding to the covering of windows and adding an additional layer of insulation protection to your windows. 

 White fabric roller blinds on the white plastic window in the living room

Surprisingly, there is another option for zebra blinds and that is a mechanical operation for opening and closing them. For an additional fee, many technicians will install a motorized pully which will control opening and closing the blinds. These mechanical zebra blinds have no pulleys or cords, which are a great virtue, especially in households with children, as sometimes pulley cords can be tangled up or injure children. 

As with the slats having options for color and material, so does the fabric offer variations in both color and fabric. Some types of fabric may be more tightly woven, which constricts a bit more sunlight if you are wanting to only allow a certain amount of light into a room. So, too, there are options which are more sheer, which allow more natural light to enter a room. A certified technician or interior designer can help you to figure out what type is best for your room when you’re purchasing zebra blinds. 

Zebra blinds are also made to be long lasting and more durable, so they are also a smart investment when looking for window coverings. Not only are they more durable and solidly built, but zebra blinds are treated to be dust and stain resistant, making them a cleaner option and also aiding in their longevity.

One of the best features of zebra blinds are the versatility. These blinds can offer an accent to any room or office, allowing for total customization in both color and style. Thanks to their sleek design, zebra blinds can upgrade any room they are installed in.

Another positive feature of zebra blinds is that they are simple enough for any at home do it yourselfer to install on their own. Although it’s always best to get the advice or assistance from a professional, especially if you have uniquely shaped windows, is always recommended, but if you’re on a budget, zebra blinds are easy to install for anyone in their own home. 

How to Get Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds are available to all consumers, but it’s best to start with a free consultation, which many installers offer. This will allow you learn about all the options available to you, accurate measurements, and expert advice. An expert will also be able to offer you options such as cutting down to match unique shaped and sized windows.

Zebra blinds should be available at all interior design locations (or at least they will have access to installers) or any place that sells blinds and window coverings. As stated before, it’s always best to get the opinion and advice from a professional installer who will offer you insight into what options will work best for your space. They will also make you aware of different issues you may face based on location and which direction a room faces versus the amount of natural light you are hoping to get through into the room. 

No matter the room, whether it be your living room, dining room, or office, zebra blinds are a smart choice. They offer so many variations to accent any room, they allow you to make choices about the amount of natural light you want to allow to filter into your rooms, and they are money savers through their longevity and their insulating attributes. Zebra blinds are a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their space.