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Free Data Recovery Mac – How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac

Free Data Recovery Mac - How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac

Truth be told: At one point in life, during your day today Mac usage, you must have accidentally deleted files or data was lost due to other factors. This is one of the frustrating moments to any computer user. The worst of it all, Mac doesn’t have the undelete functionality. The good thing is that with free data recovery software Mac you can retrieve your deleted data. But it will depend on the things you did when you deleted the files. For instance, if you delete the data and still continue to save more data on the save drive; it could be hard to restore the deleted one.

Why Is It Possible To Recover Deleted Files On Mac?

Many people think that when they delete a file from their machines, it’s gone forever. But that’s not the case. When you permanently delete a file, you only delete the entry, but the file is saved somewhere. The operating system will make the space where the deleted data resided to be available for saving new data.

The file you deleted will, therefore, remain on the hard drive, though inaccessible by your operating system until when you save new data which will replace it. This is the reason why you can use data recovery software for Mac to retrieve the data.

But remember, the earlier you perform data recovery the higher chances you will retrieve the data because the file will be overwritten once you save new data on the same drive.

Check If the File Has Really Been Deleted

First things first; once you hit the delete button, you need to check whether the file is gone. Usually, when we delete files from our machines, they go to a storage location called Trash. If you did not empty the Trash after deleting the file, you will find it there.

Head over to the Trash icon on the Dock and check the finder window. If the file is intact, drag and drop it onto the Desktop. If the file is missing, then chances are you emptied the Trash. So you need to find data recovery software to help you get back your file.

How to Recover Data with EaseUS Data Recovery Software for Mac

Stage 1: Install EaseUS on a separate machine.

The file size of the software is around 30MB and takes about 3 minutes to complete the installation process. The program offers a trial version which you can use it for free. The free version of the software allows recovery of data up to 2GB.

Stage 2: Scan

This is the stage where the software will scan through a hip of files thoroughly and collect recoverable files.

Select the location where you had saved the data and click the Scan button.
The program will perform a quick scan to find the deleted data on the location you have selected.
If nothing is found, repeat the above step but choose Deep Scan instead of Quick Scan.
The software will then display a preview of the recoverable files in the left pane. Select the important files and click the Recover Now button to restore them.

Stage 3: Save the Recovered Data

The last stage is to save the data on a separate drive so that you can use them.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac with Recoverit Data Recovery Software

Recoverit is one of the best free deleted file recovery software for Mac.

Stage 1: Free download and Install Recoverit Data Recovery in you Mack

Stage 2: Select a data recovery mode and click Start.

Stage 3: Scanning

Recoverit will start the scanning process automatically and display recoverable files. If the first scan has completed and no recoverable files are displayed, you need to scan again using the All-Around Recoverymode

Stage 3: Preview

The last stage is to preview the recoverable files and select the important ones and then click the Recover button to retrieve the files.

Remember to save the recovered files on a separate location and not the location where you had saved them earlier. If you miss some files you had deleted, then chances are they were overwritten.


That’s it. However much you will try to avoid losing data on your Mac, you will one day delete files accidentally, or the loss of data may be caused by other factors. Don’t freak, just stop using the drive and find the best data recovery software to retrieve your lost data.