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If you need some design tips through design news and don’t know where to look for inspiration, on urdesignmag you can find all the home tips and life hacks that will help you transform your home into a functional and aesthetically beautiful place.

You can find a complete selection of the most innovative design projects from all over the world, covering a selection of different styles and areas of interest, such as graphic design, industrial design, fashion design and interior design.

Get you daily dose of inspiration exploring the work of the most influential creative minds or get new and revolutionary ideas from emerging designers.

The life hacks you will find in our magazine can make your everyday life easier and more efficient. Organise your space by following the light coming in through the windows, choose design elements that make the room feel larger and more airy, learn to use negative and positive spaces correctly to create a room that truly represents you and much more.

Stay up to date on the design world and receive breaking design news, stories and interviews with the leading protagonists in the world of design.

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