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Seatylock: Bicycle Saddle that transforms into Lock

Seatylock is a bicycle saddle that quickly transforms into a one meter solid lock that  enables you to lock your bike to a fixed object. With Seatylock you no longer need to carry a lock or worry about saddle theft. Located in the center of gravity of your bike the Seatylock gives you a hassle free ride without feeling the burden of carrying a lock.


Seatylock has a universal adaptor that enables easy compatibility with any standard bicycle. After a simple installation it can be adjusted to your preferred saddle position. Seatylock is available as two different models; trekking and comfort, and is currently seeking funding through its kickstarter campaign.


“Ecessity is the mother of invention” said Ilan Mor, co-founder “we believe that it will revolutionize the urban cycling experience. Seatylock provides a necessary solution for a problem that affects bike commuters on a daily basis. It is an innovation born out of true necessity.”


4-seatylock-bicycle-saddle-that-transforms-into-lock 5-seatylock-bicycle-saddle-that-transforms-into-lock 6-seatylock-bicycle-saddle-that-transforms-into-lock 7-seatylock-bicycle-saddle-that-transforms-into-lock

all images courtesy of SEATYLOCK