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The Most Common Reasons For Data Loss

The Most Common Reasons For Data Loss

The data loss problem is among the most common issues faced by the majority of computer users these days. Data loss can lead to severe problems depending upon the type of data loss. For this reason, it is important to keep your data safe and protected and keep yourself alarmed about the causes that lead to data loss. 

There are many factors that contribute to data loss, but here we will highlight the main ones only. Moreover, we will also give tips to help you save from losing your data direct from experts at Platinum Data Recovery – a premier data recovery company in Los Angeles. Keep reading below if you are also amongst those who have to face data loss issues frequently.

1. Accidentally deleting the files

The main reason for losing data is the accidental deletion of the text, file, or folder that is not backed up already. Accidentally deleting the files is a usual mistake made by almost everyone that ultimately ends in data loss. Often while intending to complete our work fastly and deleting the extra files, we end up deleting the wrong file. This has become so common that people do not consider it a major data loss reason anymore.

The main reason behind accidental data loss is that we do not want to put in enough time and concentration while doing our work. Moreover, we also do not create any backups for our data, and that is why we are unable to recover our important data once it’s lost.

How can we fix the accidental data loss problem?

Make sure to understand and implement the following steps for avoiding losing data accidentally:

  • Always create a back up of your data.
  • Remain focused while working with your important files.
  • Invest the proper time to make sure that everything is done correctly.

2. Software crashes 

Another main cause of data loss is the software crash. As per statistics, about 13% of frequency in data loss causes is taken by software malfunctioning. Hard Drive Data recovery experts have finalized the main types of services and software corruption as follows:

  • Backup software

Backing up files is not always smooth and uninterrupted; sometimes errors may occur while doing so. Some common errors include failure in creating file copies and the automatic deletion of files. 

  • File editors

File corruption is also caused by the failure in the working of file editing software. Also, that, saving files in bulk may also lead to data loss. Moreover, while updating the files, some are updated successfully while some get damaged; this also ends in losing the data.

  • Antivirus software

Antivirus programs are not too good for your data as they may delete your important files by considering them to be malware.

  • Converters

While changing file formats, errors occur commonly.

 How to fix data loss due to software crashing?

To overcome data loss due to software crashing, keep these things in mind.

  • Be careful while backing up your data.
  • Create a copy of your file before editing it or changing its format.
  • Give limited access to antivirus programs that you install in your device.

 The Most Common Reasons For Data Loss

3. Hard Drive Damage 

The reason behind most of the data loss is hardware malfunctioning considering hard drive to be the main culprit. The most delicate part of a computer is its hard drive. According to the statistics, about 140000 hard drives crash every week. Sixty percent of these crashes are because of mechanical issues, while 40 percent of them are because of human misuse.

Human misuse further includes dropping the device or spilling water on it. Another main reason behind failure in working on a hard drive is the excessive heating up of the device. This mainly occurs when a lot of dust gathers in the device. Another thing to keep in mind is that hard drives are also machines, so they can gey damaged and ineffective with the passage of time.

How to fix data loss due to hard drive damage?

  • If the hard drive frequently crashes, change your hard drive.
  • Consult a computer expert if it heats up excessively. 
  • If your hard drive faces issues while booting up your device, get your hard drive fixed.
  • Check your hard drive if your computer processes at a slower speed and makes too much noise.
  • If your computer frequently freezes, replace the hard drive.

4. Data loss due to natural disasters 

The most uncontrollable causes resulting in data loss are natural disasters. Natural disasters that lead to data loss include floods, brownouts, fires, earthquakes, etc., and we have no control over any of them. But what is good about this cause is that it has the least contribution in overall data loss statistics. 

Just 3 percent of the data loss is due to natural disasters. But this does not mean that we should not take this cause seriously. If taken lightly, then it may result in an increase in data loss because of natural disasters.

How to prevent data loss because of natural disasters?

Make sure to keep your important data stored in cloud storage (for example iCloud, Google Drive, etc.)

Get your place facilitated with UPS to prevent data loss from sudden electricity breakouts.

Back up your important data and store it on multiple devices.

5. Data loss due to viruses, ransomware, and other malware 

  • About malware

The most frustrating reason for data loss is malware. It is because malware is a constantly evolving threat and never goes away. Everyday anti-malware systems work on keeping viruses, suspicious attachments, bad websites, bad IP addresses, adware, hijackers, and other such things away from harming your computer. But this works only for that day; the next day, you have to face those issues again. In fact, there will be new ones too on the next day. 

  • About ransomware

Ransomware is known to ve the biggest reason behind data loss these days. According to statistics, on average, attacks take place every 40 seconds. This results in leading businesses to lose their data. Moreover, software update supply chain attacks have also become common these days.

According to a survey conducted by a data backup technology provider, about 29% of people stated malware and viruses to be their prime cause of data loss.

  • About virus

A single virus is enough to damage your important business files and unstable your software, ultimately resulting in massive data loss.

How to prevent data loss due to viruses, ransomware, and other malware?

  • Opt for business-level antivirus and anti-malware software.
  • Update your protection software regularly.
  • Choose BDR technology having built-in malware protection.

What is the percentage contribution of different causes of data loss?

  • Forty percent of data loss occurs due to hardware failure.
  • Twenty-nine percent of data loss occurs due to human error.
  • Thirteen percent of data loss occurs due to Software corruption.
  • Six percent of data loss occurs due to computer viruses.
  • Three percent of data loss occurs due to Hardware destruction.

To wrap it up!

The major issues that lead to loss of data have been discussed in detail in this article. Now what you have to do is to read them carefully and make sure to follow the tips mentioned below each cause for preventing the loss of data. Following these tips will help you keep your data protected and save you from facing any data loss.