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15 Boys’ Bedroom Ideas for the Ultimate Youthful Design

Child sitting on a shelf

Boys’ bedroom ideas should be a reflection of their personalities and interests. If you’re struggling to come up with an idea of your own, we’ve got you covered. 

In this article, we’ve come up with the best ideas for a boy’s bedroom. Whether you go with a theme, add some creative storage, play with fun patterns, or stock up on gamer essentials, with the right game plan, you can create the perfect space for the little guy in your life. 

What Goes in a Boy’s Bedroom?

Furniture Essentials

  • Bed – beds are an essential part of any room.
  • Dresser – the size of your dresser depends on your closet space. If you have a compact closet, you may need to choose a larger dresser to have enough storage.
  • Shelves are great for displaying trophies, books, movies, and pictures. 
  • Desk – double the room as a study space and bring in a writing table for homework or work.
  • Storage containers – store documents, seasonal clothing, or other small personal items in these containers under your bed or in your closet. 


Choose a bedding style that fits the rest of the room’s tone. 


Easily add warmth to a boy’s room or a much-needed splash of color with a bedroom area rug.


Play around with the lighting and add a lamp to your bedside or desk. 


Store your skateboard, helmets, and gear in an organized place in the bedroom.

Wall art

Choose art that matches the rest of the room’s tone. Mix the art between posters, framed art, wall stickers, or decals. 

Gaming Set-up

The bedroom is the perfect place to keep your gaming system so you can game anytime. 

How to Update a Boy’s Bedroom at Different Stages

Age 0 – 3

For a 0-3-year-old boys room, you want to get those creative juices flowing and go with a fun theme. For instance, you could opt for an underwater ocean-themed room. Keep the color schemes in blues and greens, with maybe some hints of yellow and white throughout the space. 

You can choose wall murals or hang up wall decor like vinyl decals or wall stickers with pictures of sea animals along with curtains featuring a pattern or drawing of a beach or ocean scene to bring their new room to life. You don’t need to break your budget since you can find many affordable items online and thrift for certain pieces.

Age 3 – 6

At this age, add some fun toys to a boy bedroom that will reflect his developing interests. Age-appropriate puzzles, blocks, and stuffed animals are always good options. Then look into getting him a bigger bed to accommodate as he continues to grow; plenty of exciting designs exist for all different personalities. 

Make sure you include a nightlight if needed. This will ensure he feels safe at nighttime when darkness can be intimidating for young minds.

Age 6 – 9

When your little boy is around 6 – 9 years old, it’s time to transition them into a larger bed. Twin beds are perfect for a shared room, or a full-sized bed will work to give them enough space to grow into. Add hooks or pegs onto any wall near the bedsides so they can easily hang their PJs at night without making too much mess in their beds. No more clothes strewn across the floor. 

Age 9+

When a boy is nine and older, it’s time to start giving them more independence. One way to do this is by giving their room a makeover. Consider asking him for input when decorating the space so he can give ownership over the look of his private environment. 

It’s also important to give teenage boys privacy and their own space. They will likely begin to start having more school work to complete at home each day, so a dedicated homework area and writing table are also solid updates to a son’s bedroom at this age.

 Boy studies sitting at his desk

15 Boys’ Bedroom Ideas

1. Add a pop of color

A great way to add a pop of color to a boy’s bedroom is with bright bedding and a matching rug, throw pillows, or other accessories. Hang some curtains or choose a fun patterned bedspread in a complementary color to add a splash of color to a boy’s bedroom.

2. The Theme is Crucial

Finding a theme for your son’s bedroom is important because it will help create an enjoyable atmosphere and environment in which the child can feel comfortable. A clear, aesthetically pleasing design theme can make the bedroom space inviting and promote creativity.

  • Nautical – create a space that features traditional anchors, sailboats, and stripes to give a classic seaside look. 
  • Sports – for sports fans, create an area with sports memorabilia prominently displayed on shelves or the wall. 
  • Superhero – transform your space into a superhero’s den by using bright primary colors and vibrant comic book images of your favorite characters strung across the wall as wallpaper. 
  • Outer Space – galaxies painted overhead in blues and purples will give a room an otherworldly feel, large bookshelves could resemble planets orbiting in the room, and stars hung from fishing lines above add twinkling light at night time.
  • Explorer – turn this room into an explorer’s cabin by installing maps across the walls with globes placed in a corner. 
  • Graphic Novel/Comic Books – characters from favorite stories should inspire this room. 
  • Music Lovers – bass speakers lighting up any color combination that livens up any area, along with instruments strewn around in places like guitars mounted on the wall. 
  • Gamer – look for posters or wallpapers of some favorite characters to decorate the space with.

3. Decorate with Books

Choose a bookcase and place it in the bedroom to display your favorite books. Opt for one with adjustable shelves so you can store small toys, art supplies, other items, and books.

Look for objects with book motifs, like wall lights shaped like treasured volumes or small lamps modeled on classic covers from your child’s favorite stories – placed strategically around the room, they will bring cheer and whimsy while also serving up some literary lessons.

4. Get Creative With Your Storage

You can go with different colors and materials for storage bins that will bring life into the decorating style of your son’s room. If you have old wicker baskets that no longer have a use, consider adding them into a shelving system and use them as storage drawers. 

5. Entertainment Area or Play Area

Choose an area in your boy’s room with enough floor space to accommodate your boy’s entertainment and play needs. Ideally, this should be his own dot on the map in their bedroom where they can go to have some fun.

Boys tend to love electronic games and toys. Choose age-appropriate that will entertain him and teach him new skills like problem-solving and concentration levels, like racing simulators, VR headsets, educational tablets, etc.

6. Magnetic Wall

You can purchase magnet boards that are both decorative and functional. They provide an area to hang artwork, display photos, showcase sports memorabilia, dry-erase reminders, and notes, or hold fun magnets. Magnetic walls are easy enough for kids to set up on their own too.

7. Creative Bed

Bunk beds are a great way to save space in a child’s bedroom. Not only do kids love bunk beds, but they can also be decorated in fun ways, like with bright colors or themed decals. Placing pallets on either side of and underneath the mattress of the bunk bed will make it look like it’s floating above ground level – perfect for bringing life into dull bedroom walls without compromising comfortability.

8. Home Gym 

Adding some gymnastic rings or a climbing wall to your boy’s bedroom can be an exciting and fun way to get them excited about physical activity. You’ll need some tools and supplies, such as panels of plywood, climbing-grade holds, and screws or bolts for installation. Be sure the surface is properly sanded before putting up any holds so they don’t chip off in the future. 

9. Skateboard Storage

Create a space in the bedroom to store a skateboard. Lean it against the wall for a casual look, or use a skateboard rack. The rack can be mounted on the wall or door, allowing for easy access and organized storage. It also offers quick transport from room to room or home to park if mounted on the door. 

10. Display Shelves

Display shelves are a great way to keep your son’s bedroom organized. Organize toys, coats, and knickknacks with hooks and deep shelving. 

Group trophies together to create an eye-catching display. Store all smaller awards, such as certificates, in customized storage boxes; cataloging each accomplishment by placement in separate slots or bins inside the box is also another design idea you could consider.

11. Play Around with Patterns

Paint vertical or horizontal stripes on the wall in two colors to create a classic and timeless design. You can also introduce different-sized stripes to add interest and dimension. 

Have fun mixing circles, squares, and triangles by using geometric shapes in bright colors like yellow and blue throughout your boy’s room décor 

12. Reading Nook

If you want to add a reading nook to your boy’s bedroom, you could create one out of an old chair, bean bag chair, or overstuffed armchair with lots of pillows around it. Place the piece near a window that allows plenty of natural light in for reading, and add some bookshelves nearby for storage and organization. 

13. Fill Out Your Wall Space

When decorating a boy’s bedroom, it is important to fill out the walls with items that will complement the chosen colors and theme. Wall art, pictures, shelves, storage baskets, and bookcases are all great ways to add color and style to any space. 

Consider coordinating the colors of the wall hangings with other elements in the room, like bedding or curtains, for a cohesive look.

14. Chalkboard Paint for Walls and Dressers

Chalkboard paint can be a great way to add fun and creativity to your son’s bedroom. It can provide a space that allows him to express himself through drawing and writing while also protecting the walls from scuff marks. 

Chalkboard paint is especially useful for dressers and other furniture pieces, making them more durable without compromising appearance.

15. Designated Study Area

You can add a study station to your boy’s bedroom by purchasing or constructing a simple desk and chair set. You may also want to consider adding storage space for supplies, such as cubbies, drawers, or filing cabinets. 


How can you make the most of a boys’ bedroom on a budget?

Look for furniture stores that have gently used pieces, and even better, use upcycled materials like broken pallets turned into custom shelving. 

Utilize area rugs. Not only are they great for defining a play area, but they’re incredibly inexpensive as well.  

Instead of buying expensive pictures or posters, hang art made from repurposed items, old jars filled with seashells, and paper boats hung from twine.

In Conclusion

Decorating with these boys’ bedroom ideas is a fun way to create an environment that can bring out their playful personalities. With the right colors and furnishings, you can design a space for your son that will have plenty of room for imaginative play and relaxation.

Give your son’s bedroom a makeover as they age, helping them feel comfortable and seen as their interests and taste evolve. Use these tips on how to decorate your boy’s bedroom for success in creating the best atmosphere possible.