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4 Details in Your Home Interior That Could Add to Its Value

Living room with brown velvet sofa and dining room in the background

There are lots of factors that dictate how much your home will sell on the property market. Inflation, the state of the market, and other economic aspects are reasons out with your control. But did you know that you can add value to your property just by calling in professionals to make a few tweaks?

We’ve listed 4 details to pay attention to that should ensure you get the best deal you can for your home.

1. The Interior Decor

Dark colours and fussy patterns can draw a room inwards, making it look smaller than it really is. Wall cracks and peeling paint also look unsightly and can put off potential buyers. Consider hiring a specialist painter or decorator to rejuvenate your home. Choose neutral colours to create a light, airy feel to a room and to create the illusion of more space. You might also want to rearrange your furniture to open up even more space or to make your interior area look more presentable.

2. The Floor Quality

While having your interior space redecorated, it’s easy to forget about the ground you’re walking on. An often overlooked, but crucial, feature in your home when it comes to its market appeal is your flooring. Aside from making sure the carpets are hoovered and that wooden floors are polished and clean, think about your flooring’s longevity. The Scandinavian look of whitewashed and sanded finishes is popular for interiors right now, so consider that if you’re looking to boost your home’s value. But while wooden floors might be desirable to potential buyers, it’s important to ensure that they are kept in mint condition. If you have wooden floors, then it’s advisable to consult a professional that specialises in floor sanding. Having an expert attend to this important feature within your home will go a long way in boosting the price of your property.

 Functional kitchen with central island

3. Finer Details

Interior fashions can change as much as clothing style, but that doesn’t mean you need to shell out to have your home completely redecorated in the latest look. Many companies can help you upgrade small details to bring a dated home back into the present and look clean and finished. If your bathroom or kitchen look a bit tired, consider having the taps replaced, having new hardware to sinks installed, or calling in a specialist to fit a backsplash behind your cooking hob. Other upgrades you might want to consider include a replacement toilet seat, and the addition of towel racks and shelving.

4. Cleanliness

Not only do dirt and clutter look unsightly, but they can also turn off potential buyers. This makes sense, as nobody wants to buy a home that’s laden with heaps of mess. Clutter reduces the size of your interior space significantly, thereby seriously impacting on the asking price for your home. Invest in good storage units to keep your stuff hidden away from potential viewers and make sure all surfaces are clean and tidy. You might want to consider hiring a professional cleaning service to give your home a thorough deep cleanse and make sure that nothing is missed.

Take away

When looking to increase the price of your home on the property market, small renovations by expert professionals can go a long way. Hopefully, by following these tips, you can boost your property’s value.