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4 Parts of Your Home to Redesign

Custom wooden kitchen

There are parts of your home you can’t do very much with if you want to redesign them. For instance, you probably can’t do much with the roof other than add a weathervane. However, there are plenty of parts of your home that you can either add to or redo if the mood strikes you and you have enough money to move forward.

We’ll talk about some parts of your home that you can redesign or add to right now. You can remake them just the way you like, though remember that if you’re not adding something very desirable, you might not make that money back if you ever decide to sell. Although if you do it right, these DIY improvements can easily add value to your home.

The Bedrooms

You have several attractive bedroom revamping options if you reach a time when you look at these parts of your home, and you want to make some changes. For instance, you can get a new bed. You might get a larger one, like upgrading from a queen to a king.

You can also get a bed that’s more elaborate or decorative than your current one. Maybe you’ll get one with a cast iron headboard or a wooden one decorated with birds and flowers.

You can install new carpeting in there. You can also add a master bathroom in some instances if you don’t have an existing one.

If all of this sounds too expensive, you might spruce up a bedroom by adding some flashy wallpaper or painting it instead. Painting a room can make it look very different from what it was like before, and paint does not cost all that much. You might even be able to handle that yourself if you don’t mind DIY projects and you don’t want to spend money to hire a professional.

The Bathrooms

Your bathrooms are another place where you can do some remodeling if you want the area to have a different or more modern appearance. You might take out your current faucet and add a new one. For instance, if you have one that looks old and drab, you can get a brass, copper, or brushed steel one instead.

You might add some new backsplash around the sink or tub. Backsplash comes in thousands of colors, shapes, and designs. You can get a bathroom to look much different than before if you go with some that you like.

You can also try to install the backsplash yourself if you want, though that’s a little more of an ambitious DIY project. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you could put up some wallpaper or paint the bathroom instead. Some nautical wallpaper and a matching shower curtain could be one way to go if you want to establish a new motif.

 Modern bathroom with white tiles

The Kitchen

The kitchen is another logical place where you can do some upgrades if the mood strikes you and you have the cash. Kitchen and bathroom upgrades are great because you can enjoy them for as long as you live in a house, but you are also liable to make your money back on them if you ever decide to sell.

You can do some of the things we already mentioned, like installing backsplash around the sink, painting the walls, or putting up some wallpaper. Maybe you can put up some wallpaper with vegetables on it if you want a traditional, mid-century look.

If that does not seem quite right, you can decorate the area around the sink. You can install new faucets or expand the sink from a single to a double if you do a lot of ambitious cooking projects.

You might add an island in the middle, or you can install hooks in the ceiling where you can keep your various pots and pans. These additions are usually more doable if you have a larger kitchen and more room with which to work.

The Spare Room

If you have a spare room, that is one more place you can remodel if you want to make a change. Maybe you’re using the space for storage right now, but you would like to turn it into a gym or home office. 

You can add a desk and chair, some shelves, and some filing cabinets. You can keep your important documents in there, and you might run a home business from there if you want to start one up.

Usually, if you have a little money and creativity, you can change your home to suit you without too much trouble.