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4 Quirky Art Supplies to Experiment With

4 Quirky Art Supplies to Experiment With

There’s nothing like the smell of new markers, the sharpness of freshly sharpened pencils, and the glaring whiteness of a pristine canvas on an easel. Art — no matter the medium or the materials used — has the ability to provide comfort to the audience and act as an emotional outlet for the artist at the same time.

Good arts materials call on artists like moths to the light. The mere presence of quality materials can be a source of inspiration for the artists’ imagination to churn out ideas that will be manifested through colors, shapes, and various other forms that can only be explained by the artists themselves.

But like all creative streams, the inspiration to create beautiful artistry can often run dry. This can be affected by internal or external motivations, and it may take some time before it starts to flow again. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, then here are four quirky art materials that can reignite the creativity to flow once more.

Watercolor Crayons

One of the very first art materials that you used as a kid was crayons. There’s just something about those cone-top wax sticks that are attractive to kids of all ages. It’s possible that crayons are the art material of choice because they don’t need to be sharpened like colored pencils.

With innovation, watercolors have also been turned into crayons for easier use. Having watercolor crayons might be the new challenge you’re looking for because these products are fairly new to the market. You can even use them like you would a pencil or an oil pastel.

Watercolor crayons are basically paint pigments compressed into stick forms. And like usual watercolors, you will need water to activate the paint or blend the colors with other pigments. You can experiment with this material’s textures and colors as you begin imagining your next artwork.

Alcohol Markers

There was a time when the only markers known to man were permanent and whiteboard markers. But currently, there are so many other variations such as paint and alcohol markers, which are perfect materials for creating gradient and fading effects.

There is one essential material that you will need to achieve shading, mixing, lightening, and retouching your artworks with alcohol markers. These are called blending markers, and they come in transparent colors that make softening the edges of the solid colors possible.

The effect of using alcohol markers can be likened to watercolors, only there are no pigments or water involved in this process. These are perfect for when you want to experiment with gradients using two or more alcohol-based inks to create your next artwork.

 4 Quirky Art Supplies to Experiment With

Brush Pens

The mere idea that hard watercolor pigments can be activated by water is such an exciting concept. It’s not like acrylic or oil-based paints that are opaque in nature and will need water to be used. Plus, watercolor can create fading effects that are harder to achieve with solid pigments.

But having water to dip your brushes in can be messy. Fortunately, brush pens are now staples in the art market, and they are must-haves in your stash. With a brush pen, you will no longer have to dip your brushes into water because you will only have to squeeze the brush body to release the water.

Brush pens come in different nylon tips and sizes, just like regular paintbrushes, to achieve different strokes. These are perfect for watercolor calligraphy and hand lettering, which you can experiment with on your next masterpiece.

Liquid Chalk Markers

Before there were whiteboards and whiteboard markers, there were blackboards and colored chalks. These dominated the elementary school classrooms and after-school activities that required writing on the pavements because chalk can be washed away with water or rain, unlike paint.

The texture of chalk stays unmatched, which makes it unique art materials.  But the remnants of the chalk on the fingers and the in the air when it’s being erased can be a health hazard for asthmatic kids. Luckily, liquid chalk markers are now growing in popularity.

These are all the fun and texture of chalk but without the annoying residue on your fingers. Most liquid chalk markers are long-lasting, fast-drying, non-toxic, and come in many vibrant colors. You can use these to inspire your next piece of art.

There are plenty of other art materials available in the market that you can use to inspire your next masterpiece. Materials such as oil-based paint that can change color and texture when mixed with other colors, or glitter watercolors that can add a shimmering effect to your art. You just have to look in the right places.