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5 Ways to Remodel your Home Interior

Modern home office

We all want to live in a comfortable, well-designed home. With the new designs coming in every day, you may be tempted to remodel your home every now and then. As easy as it looks online, it’s not easy to remodel by yourself.

To remodel you require several tools and materials which can be difficult to master and quite costly. You might end up creating a huge mess and your home could turn out worse than you envisioned. Luckily, you can easily find the materials you need at the Materials Market. Here are a few tips to guide you when you remodel your home.

1. Create open space

Over the past years, open houses have become very common in homes. Homeowners and buyers go for open plan houses compared to closed ones because they make rooms appear bigger. The dining room, family room, and kitchen can share a single vast space. Also, a closed kitchen seems very formal and unappealing to visitors.

In order to create space without tearing down your walls, all you have to do is get rid of excess furniture you don’t need or move furniture into different positions to see which design creates more room. You can also use mirrors since they give the illusion of space, just place them opposite windows so they can reflect light into the room.

In case you are attached to your furniture and can’t get rid of them, consider painting them with an off-white color.

2. Introduce more lighting to your home

The right amount of light can make a room look very lively and welcoming, while a poorly lit room makes it appear small and congested. There are several ways you can lighten your home, the simplest being floor or table lamps. You have to place them strategically, target places where it is slightly dark like the corners of your house.

If you are a handy person, you can replace your ceiling fixtures with modern ones which are more appealing. You can hire an electrician to do it for you if you can’t. Whether you choose a simple design or a complex one, you can never go wrong with proper lighting in your home.

 Living room with oak parquet and Scandinavian design furniture

3. Update your door and window designs and handles

Windows and doors are often overlooked when designing a house. Most designs are meant to offer the homeowners privacy, so they forget to style up their windows. Whether you have a view or not, you can style your window by using curtains that match your living room décor. You can go with bold colors or a calm and cool color depending on your taste. If you are undecided, simply match your curtains with the color of your walls.

Old fashioned handles can make your home appear very outdated. There are various handle options to choose from right now. You can go with aged copper, bronze, shiny stainless, or brushed nickel. With so many options at hand, you might be undecided. Whether you have a modern kitchen or a country kitchen, you can mix two different designs then decide which one suits your home.

4. Introduce paintings and plants to your home

Most people ignore landscaping their houses. You may not be well versed with plants but it is not hard to plant a few flowers in pots and place them in your house. Plants give your home a fresh look and keep the air clean. If you cannot plant entirely there are other options for you. You can either buy artificial plants or hire a landscape architect to help you.

Paintings and portraits also make a room appear lively. You can either put up your family portraits or use pieces of art.

5. Add a fresh coat of paint or wallpapers

Wallpapers have changed over time. Unlike before, they are easy to remove and have beautiful patterns which make your home look professionally done. You can cover your entire wall in wallpapers or opt to cover one wall only. Various online stores have them so you can purchase them easily.

If wallpapers are not for you, you can add a fresh coat of paint on your walls. It seems like exhausting work but it is interesting since you get to pick the color you’re comfortable with.


There are many options to consider if you want to remodel your home. Simply find out what you want to be changed and which style best suits you then get to work. Also, keep an eye on blogs like Hardie Boys, where you can find more tips for making your home a more comfortable place.