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7 Things to Consider While Buying A Ceiling Fan

Living room with ceiling fanLiving room with ceiling fan

Ceiling fans installation is an important investment for you and an effective and efficient way to keep your home cool and well ventilated. 

However, you need MR Glow Electrical to help install the ceiling fans. But before that, you must know how to buy the right ceiling fan. 

The following are things you should consider while buying a ceiling fan: 

1. Size of Ceiling Fan and the Room 

When buying a ceiling fan, you should confirm the size of the room where you need it installed. Your room size will enable you to finalize the size of the ceiling fan to pick. 

Both should be in proper proportion. A small fan in a big room won’t offer you sufficient air circulation and might look a bit awkward and vice-versa. 

2. Style and color of the Fan 

If you want to make your home décor glance more attractive, your ceiling fan style should fit your house interiors. 

The next essential thing to consider is the color of the fan. Even when it is a unique or similar color to your house interior, ensure the fan after installation looks pleasant. You can find the best choice and recommendation from MR Glow Electrical. 

3. Energy Efficiency

Suppose you worry about the ever-high monthly electricity bills. In that case, you will want to consider investing in energy-efficient appliances that can give you considerable energy savings. In contrast, BEE star-rated fans consume less energy, which you should consider buying.

 Close-up of a ceiling fan4. Check The Motor

The motor that makes the difference and distinguishes the best from the rest. When purchasing a ceiling fan, you should never ignore the motor. 

An excellent technologically advanced motor will account for a smooth, noiseless system and optimal air movement. 

5. Blade Material and Finish

Choosing the suitable fan blade material will be of great importance. These blades are usually made from metal, plastic, or wood. You can easily select the best blade finish that can complement your existing décor in the room.

 If you choose fans for rooms like bathrooms or live in a coastal area, you must go for those blades having a rust-proof finish.

6. Airflow

Factors like motor size, blade pitch, and blade materials contribute to the quantity of air a ceiling fan moves. Your fans will be estimated by airflow and airflow efficiency. 

When the airflow is high (cubic feet per minute), the fan moves more air, and the best the airflow efficiency.

7. Ceiling Type

The kind of ceiling you have will determine the fan you will select. If your ceiling is low, you need to install a very small rod fan, and for a high ceiling room, the fan should have a long rod for adequate air circulation. 

However, when your ceiling is a slant or slope, the rod needs to be placed in an angled way.


A ceiling fan is essential for air circulation, either home or office. It is equally important to choose a fan that suits you and fits within your budget. MR Glow Electrical is the right ceiling fan installer. Contact them today!