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8 Things You Probably Don’t Know About 4×4 Exhausts

Jeep Wrangler front detail

Fausto Marqués from Pexels

When it comes to your car, you might treat it like your baby, so you want it to have the best parts. From the brand you buy to any upgrades you choose to get, tailor-making your automobile will allow it to perform exactly how you need it. That shouldn’t stop at getting the best engine or paint job — which can add branding and power to a vehicle you use for business or fun when off-roading.

You should consider these 8 facts about 4×4 exhaust systems and how you can improve your car even further by replacing your 4×4 exhaust with a model that suits your needs.

1. You Can Install A 4×4 Exhaust System Yourself

This is not a DIY project that should keep you up at night. Even if you are only moderately familiar with car repairs, installing a new 4×4 exhaust can be a great way to flex your developing skills.

Most units come with instructions and parts that can help you install them. This will save you money on hiring a professional to do this relatively simple job and fill you with a sense of pride once you’re done.

2. Change Out Your Factory Exhausts

Whether you want to change it out yourself, or if you’re looking to get it professionally installed by a recommended installer, it’s a good idea to get your 4×4 exhaust system replaced.

There is a common sentiment amongst people that cars fresh from the manufacturer are “perfect” or “optimized” but this is not reality. Most cars do not come out of the manufacturer fully optimized. Replacing the standard exhaust can improve performance, efficiency, fuel economy, and change the driving sounds of your vehicle.

3. Different 4×4 Exhaust Materials Will Provide Different Qualities

When picking the material that your new 4×4 exhaust will be made of, be aware that each will offer your vehicle different benefits. Standard vehicles usually come with a mid-grade stainless steel pipe that gives a mid-grade performance. But when you upgrade, you should consider different options of steel:

T-304 Stainless Steel. This is the most common material you’ll find new exhausts made of. This is because it is highly resistant to corrosion and extremely versatile.

T-409 Stainless Steel. This takes the benefits of the T-304 and then strengthens it with a hardened finish created by titanium. This makes the material extremely strong, and it can weather a wide range of conditions.

4. A Good 4×4 Exhaust System will Improve Performance 

Your standard 4×4 exhaust system will only be of mid-range quality. But by upgrading, you can increase the performance of your car and allow your engine to make the most use out of its torque and power!

 Front view Jeep Wrangler

5. Get the Right Size

Getting a larger size when you’re looking at 4×4 exhausts is crucial.

Why? Well, when it comes to exhausts, you want to maximize airflow. The larger pipe diameters allow more air to leave the engine while it’s working, preventing unwanted air build-ups. This extra airflow makes the engine more efficient overall, and it gets rid of certain functional lags (like turbo lag).

6. 4×4 Exhausts Come in Many Colours

This list covers several the functional benefits of getting a new 4×4 exhaust system, but there is one we haven’t covered. Style!

Getting a new exhaust will add a custom flair to your automobile that it wouldn’t have without it. Don’t stop looking fresh at just a pipe style but choose a colour that fits the rest of your ride. Stainless steel finishes aren’t the only option. Pick black, browns, white, colourful lacquers, and more!

7. Loud Exhausts Have No Benefit

While you may have heard that an 4×4 exhaust that produces a lot of noise is working more effectively, the truth is that it’s not! However, the exhaust system will change the noise of your vehicle. This is because the diameter of the pipe will become larger when you upgrade to a higher quality pipe, changing the way air flows through the system.

Then, when you add a high-flow muffler and several converters, your car is going to be sounding a lot different! This can result in a louder or muffled sound depending on the parts used.

By some accounts, the noise could be decreasing the efficiency of your car somewhat. This doesn’t mean that if you want a louder exhaust, you shouldn’t get one! You should just be aware that the perceived efficiency boost doesn’t exist. 

8. Changing Your Exhaust Can Improve Vehicle Safety

If you choose an exhaust system with a snorkel, you could also be improving the safety of this vehicle. This is because it helps limit the amount of stale air that gathers in the engine.

Stale air is not your engine’s friend. This is because the air is like fuel residue build-up and will hinder engine function. A snorkel will increase the flow of air in your engine, and thus increase its efficiency.

Get the Right Parts

When it comes down to it, replacing your 4×4 exhaust system is a great way to increase the efficiency of your car and give you new features you didn’t have before. Not to mention, you can find a new 4×4 exhaust in a wide range of colours, designs, and arrangements that can offer each car owner unique looks and features.

If you have any questions about our 4×4 exhausts or any other parts, feel free to contact PPD Performance in Perth to get your questions answered by someone in their experienced team.