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9 Tips To Organize Your Bedroom

Close-up bed and nightstand

Andrew Neel from Pexels

Do you find yourself constantly stepping in a pile of clothes or taking hours to find your favorite pair of jeans?

The abovementioned are tell-tale signs of your bedroom being in total disarray. A disorganized or messy bedroom can slow down your daily routine and hamper productivity. Furthermore, it can dampen one’s mood.

On the other side of the coin, a well-organized bedroom can instantly transform your mood and motivate you to get things done. But often many people have a hard time finding creative ways to do it.

The truth is, you don’t need to invest a huge amount of money or time in organizing. Luckily, this post aims to help you out.

Given below are some tips to help you organize your bedroom in a better way for better nights. Read on to learn more.

1. Place A Basket For Dirty Clothes

No one wants to walk into a room with dirty clothes strewn all over the place.

It will not only look unpleasant but will also prevent you from having a clear headspace.

There are plenty of ways to keep all your dirty laundry in one place. You can get a laundry basket or hamper and place it in the corner of your room.

If you have a small room that doesn’t have any open space for a laundry basket, you can try a hanging basket or even keep the basket under the bed.

You can even use your laundry basket or hamper as a decorative piece by getting one that matches your room’s aesthetic. Visit your local home décor store or a site specializing in home décor items to help you spruce up your bedroom space with useful and beautiful-looking storage solutions.

2. Practice Doing Five Minute Pickups Everyday

Setting aside five minutes every day to pick up stuff around your bedroom can do wonders.

In this time, you can pick up any trash, forgotten items, dirty clothes, or any other things which are out of place.

You will be able to eliminate dirt piles and even find things that might have gone missing. For instance, you may have been looking for your favorite sundress for ages in your bedroom closet designers only to find out that you’ve misplaced it in a dirty pile of dirty clothes in your bedroom’s corner.

It will instantly make your bedroom look cleaner and you will definitely feel the difference in your surroundings.

3. Organize And Declutter Your Closet

Your bedroom closets are home to all of your pieces of clothing – from your comfortable pair of pajamas to your classiest evening dress. A messy and overflowing closet is definitely not ideal for having a great start to your day.

Decluttering your closet every two to three months can help you get rid of clothes you don’t need and make space for the clothes you do.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while organizing and decluttering your closet.

First, layout all your clothes and separate them into two piles. One pile should be for clothes you will be using and the other for ones you won’t be wearing anymore.

You can put your old clothes in a donation box if you are planning to donate them.

Learn how to maximize storage space in your closet. Utilize the hanging drawers and add hooks instead of trying to stuff everything into your closet. You can even consider installing extra shelves to keep things more organized.

Divide your clothes into sections according to color, type, or season. For example, you can assign one section for t-shirts, one for pants, one for jackets and so on.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can create subdivisions and separate plain t-shirts from the graphic ones.

In case you are looking for quality blank t-shirts, you can check out these wholesale t-shirts from ShirtSpace. They will make a useful addition to your wardrobe and you can even use them for custom printing.

4. Get A Functional Side Table With Storage

Your bedroom is home to different furniture pieces that are not just functional yet beautiful looking as well. They include your bedframe’s side table. Many people tend to place side tables beside their beds for aesthetic purposes. Wooden side tables can boost your bedroom’s overall vibe.

However, a functional side table with storage space can really help you keep your room in order and make essential things easily accessible.

For example, you can place things like the book you read before bedtime, essential medicines, creams, water, and other relevant things.

This way you won’t have to waste your time hunting for them when it is time for bed.

Classic bedroom with dog on the bed

5. Get Creative With Under Bed Storage

You can store stuff under your bed using empty shoeboxes, storage bins, baskets, or even travel cubes. Underneath your bedframe is free bedroom real estate that’s waiting for you to use.

If you don’t like seeing things under your bed, a simple solution is to get a bed skirt to hide everything underneath.

6. Use A Clothing Rack For Small Spaces

If you have a small bedroom and struggle to find space for a huge wardrobe, get a clothing or garment rack.

You can hang the clothes you use on a daily basis like your coat, jeans or hat.

7. Get A Basket For Your Throw Pillows

If you are someone who loves throwing pillows, you probably experience times when they are strewn all over the bed.

Getting a basket to store a few pillows can be useful especially if you change them every now and then.

This way you can keep a few on the bed and a few in the basket.

8. Invest In A Shoe Rack

Having your footwear scattered all over the floor of your closet is not a pretty sight.

A tiered shoe rack can help keep all your footwear in order and you will end up having a missing shoeless often. A shoe rack can help you organize all of your footwear – from your favorite pair of at-home slippers to your reliable pair of sneakers.

9. Deep Clean Your Room

Once you have picked up and tidied everything, invest some time in cleaning your bedroom.

Dust your shelves, vacuum the floor and carpets and wipe down all the dirty surfaces. It’s best that you only utilize organic cleaning materials to ensure your and your family’s optimal health.


Apart from the above tips, you can come up with your own creative ways to organize your bedroom. For further help, you can look at popular home-focused websites and their publications regarding the matter.

And finally, remember to be consistent with your cleaning routine so your bedroom stays organized all the time.