When you’ve been living in the same place for a long period, it is not an uncommon thought to want an upgrade. It is especially true if the design and decor pieces in your home have not been modernized in a long time. When it comes to redesigning your home, there are a lot of aspects that you should consider. A very simple way of upgrading your home is by changing basic elements in your living space. It is not often necessary to splurge on a crazy renovation, when you can follow a few tips and tricks and get almost the same result.

With the right mindset and determination, you create something spectacular, and you can work some magic without breaking the bank. After all, upgrading does not mean that you need to demolish the whole place down. When redecorating a room, you can count on certain items of decor that ensure a newer and fresher space. Try to embrace your style and aim to create something unique that reflects your personality. If you don’t know where to start, the following ideas might give you some inspiration.

 How To Transform A Simple Home To A Fabulous One

Change Drawer Handles – When it comes to transforming a simple home into something unique and amazing, you have to start with small details. Although these are items that not many people might observe when they are visiting you, they will make a huge difference to the result. They will also help you tie together your home design. Upgrading drawer handles is a simple way of updating knobs to a more recent, modern style. The whole process is quite simple and affordable for everyone. All you need is a trip to the hardware store and a few hours on your hands. You can find so many diverse pieces both online and in stores. Even the most minimal designs can give the room a simple yet classy update.

Contemporary styles are mostly based on copper, tarnished silver or brass elements. They can be geometric or simple shapes, and you can find so many design variations available. Today’s handles come in bright colors, simple style or shiny combinations of metals. No matter what you’re choosing, make sure to be inspired by your style. This change allows you to boost the style of your home instantly.

 How To Transform A Simple Home To A Fabulous One

Add Mirrors – A good way of opening up a room is by adding mirrors. It does not matter if you’re working with a small or a large space. Mirrors are welcome in any room; even in the kitchen if you are creative enough! Mirrors create the illusion of a bigger space, and they can be a nice way of brightening up space. After all, everyone loves a bright and open space. You can accessorizewindow-less rooms with the help of mirrors. It is another great and simple way of transforming your home. It is affordable, and it works for just any space.

Because of the great variety of shapes and styles of mirrors that you can find on the market, it is more than likely that you will find a style that fits your preference perfectly. People who are willing to add a touch of vintage to their place can check out thrift stores. Furthermore, old and mismatched mirrors can also be improved to create a unique piece of decor.

 How To Transform A Simple Home To A Fabulous One

Consider Bigger Changes – Transforming your home is a fun activity because it allows you to be creative and transpose your personality in your rooms. If you’re feeling a bigger change, then maybe you should consider investing. After all, everyone would like to have a new sofa in their living room. It is a nice way of refreshing the area and making it feel like a new place.

A new funky sofa does not only transform the whole place instantly, but it makes it look more sophisticated and put together. Moreover, it inspires you and makes you feel comfortable and last but not least; it is a focal point to your living room. You can transform any bland space into a modern one by introducing a bright colored sofa in the equation. When talking about big changes and investments, you should also consider a window replacement. Doing socould be the most effective way of transforming the appearance of a home. Windows tell a lot about the owners of the home, which is why it is important to take good care of them and opt for designs that represent you.

 How To Transform A Simple Home To A Fabulous One

Decorate the Fireplace – Even though you may only use your fireplace for a few months a year, it does not mean that it can’t become a central piece for the rest of the year. The great thing is that you’re going to be able to display almost anything on it as long as you clear it out properly. You can display flowers, candles, plant pots or other pieces of decor. On the other hand, if you don’t own a fireplace you could opt for a fake one. Just add candles in different shapes and styles and create a unique piece of decor. It’s as simple as that!

A tastefully designed mantel is probably one of the main design aspects of a living room. At the same time, it is probably one of the first items that people notice when they set foot inyour room. Much like the rest of your home, the way you decorate your mantel can say a lot about your style and personality. Remember to keep it simple and create a balance between the objects that you’re displaying. Play around with shapes, colors, and textures but don’t forget to pay attention to scale.  

 How To Transform A Simple Home To A Fabulous One

Integrate an Intricate Item – Forget about “safe” designs in favor of creating accents and personal touches, and you’re going to create something truly impressive. To be able to create a space that is one-of-a-kind,it is vital to incorporate objects that reflect who you are and what you love. It does not mean that you need to hang a portrait of yourself in each corner of your home, but you should let your creativity influence your decisions. Adding a bit of charm to your home can help you create an inviting and comfortable space.

A great decor idea is to incorporate your hobbies into your place. If you’re passionate about painting or drawing, you could frame one of your masterpieces on the wall. On the other hand, adding a piano to the hallway, a water fountain to your yard or a sculpture to your living room will help you change the atmosphere instantly. These elements of decor showpeople that you have taste when it comes to designing a place. They can be a good addition to any place. Last but not least, this is a simple way of expressing your feelings and allowing people to discover who you are as a person.  

 How To Transform A Simple Home To A Fabulous One

Make it Functional – When it comes to transforming a simple home into something unique and special it is good to think about storage ideas. No matter how much you love displaying your art or decor pieces, you should draw a line between items that should be displayed and items which you shouldpack away. Otherwise, you can easily clutter the room and make it look like a tasteless space. For that reason, it is good to consider functionality. There are a lot of storage ideas that allow people to create an aesthetically pleasing space.

If you love displaying items that you adore, then you should maybe consider building a bookshelf. You can create a mix of books and other decor pieces efficiently. By doing that you will no longer have to organize and clean your main areas. Even storage can have an aesthetic side, as long as you come up with original ideas. For some, storage can be simple, but in other homes, storage can be a chance of showcasing relevant items. This simple step of creating a home for every single item in your space goes a long way in creating something fabulous.

 How To Transform A Simple Home To A Fabulous One

Add a Kitchen Backsplash – One of the quickest and most rewarding ways of transforming your home is by adding a new kitchen backsplash. Everyone knows that the kitchen is one of the main rooms of the home. People spend a lot of time in the kitchen and so might your future guests.

Unfortunately, not many people are thinking of simple ways of improving the aspect of this space. They consider that they need a full makeover, but that is not always the case. The best thing about adding a new kitchen backsplash is the fact that you don’t have to spend a fortune on it. You don’t have to opt for the fanciest tiles to make it look good. Salvage wood or linoleum tiles are an affordable and stylish option. Adding a kitchen backsplash is a quick and effective way of adding life to your kitchen. There are many options available on the market, and the installation is not that complicated either. Some other advantages of installing a kitchen backsplash include protecting the walls, adorning them and tying together the overall design of the kitchen space.

Making important changes in your home can be a tough task. However, it is important to take things slow. Start by considering small changes and taking steps toward more important ones. Consider everything through, and you’ll get the best result!