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Buying a New or Used Car: What Purchase Options are Available?

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When buying a car, two of the most important things to think about are how you will use the car (which determines the car you get) and how you are going to finance the purchase. There are slight differences depending on whether you are looking to buy new or used. Regardless, there are several purchase options you could consider depending on your circumstances.


Although the people who purchase a car using cash are few, it is still a viable option. Cash is a great option for those who want to avoid interest. In addition to avoiding the interest, the car is yours as soon as you complete all the registration and transfer details.

Cash also comes with massive bargaining powers. Dealerships want to maintain some cash flow and do not want all their money tied up in cars, only to receive a little bit of it at a time. Physical cash allows dealerships to buy additional cars easily or to finance the purchase of these cars. 

Because of this, many dealerships are open to giving you a discount if you pay in cash. Just ensure you do not tell the dealership about the cash until you have completed negotiations on the price of the car and everything else you need.

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Consider Financing Options

Financing can be a good option if you do not have enough cash to buy upfront and is even better when you have some money to put down. Remember that a larger deposit lowers your monthly interest rates. If you like, you can also reduce the repayment period by increasing your monthly payments if you can afford them.

Complete car finance is still possible if you find the right lender. A complete finance option is a great alternative if you have a great credit score. A higher credit score means lower interest rates and vice versa. When applying for car finance Essex, go with vehicle finance partners who work with a panel of lenders. Doing so increases the chance that at least one lender will consider your application even when your credit score is less than desirable.


While trade-ins are not a financial purchase option, they are still a viable option for a lot of people. If you have a car that is well-maintained and still has some value, you can trade it in for a different car. The process involves valuing your car and checking the value of the car you want. Once the value of both cars is determined, you hand over your car and what you need to pay or finance is the difference between the value of the two cars.

Do some research to find out the value of the car you have so you are not lowballed. If you think the dealership is valuing your car too low, ask them how they came about that number. Some do change it after another inspection.

Whether you are looking for a new or used car, you have several options for getting the car you want. Just be sure to research cash, financing, and trade-in options so you get the most out of what you are willing to pay, borrow or give up.