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Digging down – What is it all about?

Digging down - What is it all about?

When it comes to creating extra space in your home, experts will tell you that it is a good way in which you can add value and that is certainly true. An extension, done properly, will definitely add to the value and selling potential of your property. Unfortunately, in certain areas, space is something of a premium and not every homeowner seeking to increase the square footage of their property will have the option of adding an extension to the front or side of your house. 

This is where digging down is a possible option that many homeowners find to be worthy of serious consideration. 

What is digging down?

Digging down, as the name, would suggest involves either digging under your property to create a basement, or where one already exists, digging further to extend the basement and create a larger room or even several rooms. 

You may choose to do this because your existing basement is particularly small, and you want to enlarge it to create a bigger space, or because in an area like London where space is a premium you want to create a multistorey basement. An extension to your basement may simply mean increasing its size under the existing footprint of the house or in some instances extending it beyond the footprint of the building and under a garden or courtyard. 

 Digging down - What is it all about?

Digging down – getting it right

There are some major differences that should be noted between digging out a basement for a house that you are in the process of building, and digging down to create or extend a basement under an existing property. With the latter, you are working under an existing structure and this means that the work must be done properly at every stage in order to ensure that it, and the property above are structurally sound. 

It is particularly important to utilise the services of a company who have experience in this field. You need to engage a company who have all the knowledge and expertise necessary to carry out a project of this nature with accuracy and who will follow all of the appropriate industry standards. Digging down involves far more than simply digging out a space and then creating a room in the space. Not only will there be an incredible amount of weight overhead which must be supported properly, but the walls of the room being created also need to be shored up sufficiently. This process should be done using prefabricated steel reinforcement in order to ensure the safety of the building and its occupants for the future. 

 Digging down - What is it all about?

Why might you want to dig down?

As previously mentioned, one reason that people choose this way of extending their homes is that in areas such as London where space is at a premium it isn’t always possible to extend any further into the outside space that they have. Utilising the space under a property can be a good way of getting around this tricky issue. 

For many homeowners, digging down is not simply a way in which they can create another room that they can use as a guest bedroom or a study so that they can work from home. Many homeowners choose to use this space to create an oasis within their home where they can relax after a hard day in the office. Basement pools, spas and even gyms are becoming an increasingly popular addition to many houses. For those who like to collect, and in particular car collectors, this offers a great space to create a car garage for those special collection items. 

Whatever the reason you’re considering digging down, make sure you research all your options, and opt for a company who has completed this work before. Such a complex job should only be put in the hands of those that know what they’re doing.