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Digital Printed Stainless Steel Sheets

Digital Printed Stainless Steel Sheets

Steel Color provides architects and designers the option to fashion made-to-order products thanks to the matchless digital printing procedure on stainless steel. The company can print whichever picture on diverse backgrounds (scotch brite, bead blasted, electro-colored and polished), therefore having an endless number of finishes plus images. The technology employed permits a great adaptability of production plus no minimum capacity is prerequisite.

Printed Stainless Steel Sheet

Printed stainless steel sheets are materials used by some individuals with extraordinary concepts, via a printing technique to get whichever pictures and colors over the stainless steel surfaces; it will not fade as it possess a thin film of Anti-finger print on its surface to guard it from discoloring and for flawless for beautification.

Why Select Stainless Steel?

From the day-to-day routine to life and work, stainless steel structures can be seen nearly everywhere. Intuitively Stainless steel is affecting people’s lives.

People are used to being resilient to water, steam, air plus other feebly corroding media. Stainless steel has numerous benefits and is extensively employed in people’s everyday lives.

 Digital Printed Stainless Steel Sheets

Stainless Steel Benefits

Stainless steel comes with several properties like anti-wear, high strength, simple cleaning, no discoloration, superior metallic luster and an attractive look. Simultaneously, it is also an ecologically pleasant, ornamental material, devoid of organic substances like methanol, is secure from fire and has no radiation.

Contemporary elevators are mostly made of guide rails, traction machines (winch), safety gadgets (like safety buffers and gears), counterweights, speed limiters, signal control systems, hall doors and cars. The elevator has precise needs for the corrosion resistance and strength of the steel. Also, the elevator is a significant part of contemporary architecture, and its look, environmental protection and fire prevention are all imperative contemplations. Stainless steel has the rewards of corrosion resistance, excellent strength, environmental protection and beautiful appearance. It has turned out to be amongst the significant resources for elevator making.

Recently, colored stainless steel sheets have proved to be prevalent as embellishment materials for the elevator cars. Amid the most-utilized features in any building is the elevator. Numerous individuals shall employ it – and they do not have anything to do but gaze at the interior while they wait to get to their floor. Display to them considerate designs in all aspects of the structure with beautiful – and yet completely useful –interiors of the elevator.

The elevator car doors are decked with lots of materials, nevertheless when it comes to decorative and durable aesthetics, colored stainless steel is a great alternative. Currently some large guesthouses, along with some private upmarket homes, have done away with old-fashioned elevator trim panels and substituted them with colored stainless steel trim panels for elevator doors.

About Steel Color Spa

Steel Color is the single Italian business dealing in colored; embossed, textured plus mirror-finished Stainless Steel. The firm is located in Pescarolo ed Uniti (Cremona – Italy), wherein the R&D core in addition to production transpire. The company does all the coloring and finishing procedures 100% inside Italy.

Steel Color functions in all areas where stainless steel is employed: from construction to architecture, from interior to elevator industry, automotive industry to urban design offering superior standards for the worldwide marketplace.