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Home Decor Must-Haves: Tips on Decorating with Accent Rugs

Detail of living room with sofa and carpet

One of the most exciting aspects of moving into a new home is being able to put your own personal stamp on the place by choosing your own home decor. 

It is fun to decorate your living room with a perfect sofa set and a center table that reflects your individualism and sense of style. 

One of the best ways to bring excitement to the living area is by adding an exquisite area rug. Often a rug is overlooked when choosing furniture for a new home, but interior designers highly recommend adding a rug to your room. It brings warmness and balance to your space and ties together your furniture and overall theme. 

In this blog, we’ve put a list of tips on how an accent rug will accentuate the feel of any room in the house.

Coordinate the Your Room

To create harmony in the spaces in your house, you need to implement an overall style for each of your rooms. This can be through a decor theme, such as contemporary, classical country, or modern color-based options. 

To coordinate the rooms, you can then incorporate a rug. Choosing a rug with a color that matches the accent of your overall design theme is the best way to combine your decor. 

You can have a unique pattern or choose a design that is the same as the colors of the walls. An excellent option for any space is choosing one of the Lemieux et Cie rugs with a range of natural and two-color patterns.

Define the Area

One way to define the area is with the help of rugs. Rugs help balance the space, and more often than not, home decorators use rugs that are simply too small for their room. 

This is less forgiving on the eye, but it leaves the room out of balance. The key point to remember is that the majority of your furniture should sit on the rug, with sofas being on top of the rug. 

Color Scheme is Important

Rug color is essential when tying in an accent to your decor. There are a lot of patterns with bright colors that can either complement or give a contrast to the room. 

Choose the colors wisely if you want your home to be well-decorated, and avoid adding vibrant colors if the area already features a rustic style.

It’s easy to decorate the room with a themed-inspired decor like a forest or a beach. But you don’t need to interpret this literally with the rug pattern. Rather than look for a rug that is covered in ocean waves, you can create a coastal vibe by adding a turquoise rug or ocean blue colors.

 Side view of classic-style living room with fireplace and rug

One Rug at a Time

If you have a smaller room, it can be a bad look to have more than one rug in your room without thoughtful consideration. Instead, it would be better to use one rug only. While mixing rugs can be easy, it’s harder to match the colors and patterns within your theme with more than one rug. 

If you do choose to have more than one rug, stick with the same color palette. However, you can change the design and patterns. Or you can add a natural rug and continue from there.

Besides the one-rug rule, you can implement unique shapes like oval, square, circle, or rectangle. Explore the shapes to make sure you figure out the right fit for your living area. 

Rug Size

One of the most common mistakes when decorating a place is the rug size. A rug that is too small or one that exceeds the furniture edges can make or break the entire style. 

Find the rug size that works best for your home. Some area rugs are too small, while others may seem larger than needed. Our top tip is that bigger is almost always better! Choosing a larger rug than you think you need will look better in the long run.

Rug Material

The material of your rug can add the greatest sensory experience to a room. Whether wool or synthetics, comfortable or edgy or downright fluffy, a texture will add a new dynamic to invite people into your space. 

Wool tends to be quite pricey compared to synthetic materials but is soft and long-lasting. On the other hand, viscose material can be a good budget choice. Viscose is the same as silk, but it lays like wool. And it’s easier on your pocket.

One side note – wool has many grades. Sheep wool is finer and better. Live wool is the one type of material that is appropriate and better for the rug. In comparison, dead wool is chemically removed from a dead animal and has disadvantages, like being rough on the touch.

Natural cowhide rugs have become famous for people wanting to add a touch of rustic elegance to their homes. They are made from the hides of cows, which have been tanned and treated to create a soft, durable material perfect for use in various settings. You can find natural cowhide area rugs here that also complement a wide range of interior design styles. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Patterns

Adding some contrast to the room through a patterned rug is perfect for inducing an accent. A bold print can invoke visual interest. 

A brown couch, brown walls, and a brown rug will make the room look bland and flat. Using a patterned rug, but in the same color palette, will ignite the design scheme to the next level. 

Accent Rugs – Now You Know!

Following our handy guide, you now know all there is to know about using an accent rug in your home’s interior design. You can go bold with patterns or prints if the colors align with the overall scheme. And don’t forget to buy your rug in the right (usually larger) size!

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