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How Much Does It Cost to Build an House in Canada

Dining room with pendant light above the table

You must be knowing how expensive it is to build a house in Canada. For at least $ 150 you may have to put a square foot for this work. So you may have to keep a good amount of money in hand to build a luxurious house. If you buy a ready-made house, then you have to make adjustments to the image of your dream house. But when you make a house according to your wish, then you take care of every small and big need in it. But when the dream comes out of the budget, then most Canadians are satisfied only by buying a ready-made house.

In this article, we will know what is the approximate cost of a new home in Canada. Some helpful tips are also discussed so that you can get some help in your future. In Canada, this cost can also vary according to your house location. In posh cities of Canada, your per square house-building charges vary as per location and design. Remember this is an approx idea. If your standard of choice of material type and quality increases then the cost will automatically increase.

  • Vancouver: $146 – $266
  • Calgary: $126 – $196
  • Edmonton: $126 – $196
  • Winnipeg: $125 – $185
  • Greater Toronto Area: $140 – $240
  • Ottawa: $120 – $200
  • Montreal: $105 – $175
  • Halifax: $90 – $155
  • St. John’s: $115 – $155

In case you are taking a loan then you must add the interest you are paying against that loan into your house building expenses. Don’t forget the cost of land as this is a major part that you invest in for your house. Finding and buying a bigger piece of land at the above-mentioned locations will put enough pressure on your pocket. That is also the reason why buying and renovating an old house is the most preferred option for maximum Canadians.

Many dealers can provide you with the best-in-class deal on houses for sale. If you don’t have enough time to visit different locations then also you can visit the websites of such service providers. Simply enter your budget and location and you will get filtered results with house images and their prices.

Cost to build an house in Canada

Building a house in a cheaper city is much more friendly to your budget. But the above-mentioned locations can take away your sleep. Below is an Ontario location with an approximate house building cost. Some cost affecting factors are also there:

House building cost in Ontario

Ontario is known as the largest province of Canada. There is a residence of a large number of people here. The attached houses cost less than detached houses. But to build a separate house in this province, you must follow many standards and instructions. Which directly affects your house building cost. If you have selected Ontario for your separate home, you should know its square approx cost. $250 to $355 You’ll have to assume the cost per square foot of area. 

 Townhouse in Montreal, Canada

A detached house building cost affecting factors:

A house is not only made up of some material cost and labour cost. There are many more affecting reasons which may lead the house building prices up or low.


Which is your location for building a house? A suburb, major city, or a rural area? Major cities contain the best facilities that anyone prefers for a family. So the cost of construction and buying land will be higher than in rural areas.


Your land is the main element that decides your overall house building cost. The area where you land is available and its condition will affect the budget. Sometimes you need to clear the land and times filling to maintain the level is also required for the land. That will automatically increase your material, labour, and carriage charges.

Permits/ standards/ instruction

If you are not constructing your house in village areas then you have to follow the government advisory. Here also your house making cost gets increased.

Unique instances

Sometimes people look for advanced security in their house. Restricted covenant costs are comparatively much higher than normal house building costs. For this purpose, you need to use different materials and advanced designs. So if you have any plans for unique instances then prepare your budget accordingly.

Additional story

Mindset is very important before you start the construction work for your house. One-story house building costs are less than a double story house. So if your budget is low then don’t go with the double story option.

Professional team cost

The common mistake we all make is we forget the cost of a professional team. Can you imagine a house without washroom fitting, kitchen fittings, and lighting? Then how can you forget to add the expense of such an important part of your overall construction work? Selection of branded and technologically advanced plumbing and eclectic items will even enhance your house building cost. It will also increase the fitting or fixing cost.

Architectural design

We all love to have a dream house with a library, modulator kitchen, garden, pool, and much more. But these additions to your house architecture will affect the building cost.  


We can not build a house anytime we want. It takes time and money both valuable things. So be very careful while choosing location, land, and designs. If your budget is not that big then despite shifting to a rural area you can buy a house available for sale. This idea will prevent your budget from being overburdened and also help your dream to come true.