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How to Maintain the Home Aesthetics with a Pet

A dog and its owner sitting on the sofa

Zen Chung from Pexels

Who does not like to live in a clean and aesthetically appealing house? But a lot of pet owners give up on this dream as they add an ugly-looking dog door in the living room or live with a scratched floor. A few changes in the built of the home can make a big different in your lifestyle.

Here are a few tips that will help keep your home aesthetically clean.

1. Match Colors to Your Pet’s Fur

Your pet can be your inspiration when you choose colors for the room. Choose the flooring the same color as your pet. Cover the sofa in a fabric that matches the fur color of your pet. This is quite a practical choice because pets will leave behind fur no matter what. If you have a hardwood floor installed and own a yellow labrador, then your floor is going to look dirty when the dog sheds. On the other hand, an off white tile or carpet could be a great option.

Painting the wall white is again a bad idea as it can go from white to gray in no time with dogs around. Obviously, they scratch their backs against the wall and it can easily get dirty. When the walls are gray, it will not be visible, hence your home will not lose its aesthetic appeal.

2. Train the Dog

You cannot have an untrained dog at home and expect your home to stay clean and look nice. An untrained dog can create a havoc inside the house and make it dirty and become destructive quickly. Especially when you own large breed dogs that are tough to train like huskies, it can get a nightmare. If regular training is not working for you, make use of a shock collar for husky. As they are known to be a stubborn dog breed, training them by making use of a shock collar is much more effective than the usual training sessions. Once your dog learns to behave inside the dog and understands what is acceptable, your home will stay clean and beautiful.

3. Set Up a Pet Area Near the Entry

Your home should not just look beautiful, but clean as well. One of the easiest ways to mess up cleanliness is when your pet comes home from its walk. You should clean their paws immediately or else you will find tiny paw prints on your floor. This is why a pet area near the entry is important. This is the mudroom where you clean all the dirt off the pet. Keep wipes and towels in those areas to clean the dirt off. Also, place a small stool here for you where you can comfortably sit and clean the paws of your dog.

A dog and its owner inside an apartment

4. Custom Build Pet Furniture

When you have pets, you will need pet guard doors and beds. Buying the generic ones from the market is not going to match your home style for sure. Instead, you can get one custom-built to match the interior style of your home so that it looks cohesive. Do not forget to design a cozy, comfortable, and yet aesthetically appealing bed for your pet, which does not clash with the room but blends into it.

5. Keep the Pet off the Couch

A lot of pet owners love to snuggle with their dogs on the couch, but if you want your living room to look like the one from Architectural Digest, you should consider keeping your pet off the couch. Pets mess up the throw and throw the cushions on the floor to get comfy on the couch. This only will mess up the home now and then. If your pet loves the couch, get a separate small couch designed for the pet only that matches the other pieces if furniture in the room.

Yet again, if you are unable to keep your pet off the couch, avoid too many throws or cushions on the couch, as it is better to be a minimalist than to have a messy living room.

6. Plan the Backyard Keeping in Mind Your Pet

If you own a dog and wish to maintain a beautiful yard, it becomes tough. Your dog may destroy the garden while it plays in the backyard. You should plan the garden area where the dog does not get access. Create some boundary that the dog does not enter. Do keep a dedicated play area for the dog though as it needs to be exercised well to stay calm and well behaved inside the house.

Also, fencing the backyard properly is essential so that the dog does not escape. Ensure to choose a strong fence that also looks good. You can add tall plants next to the country to increase the curb appeal yet make the yard safe for the dog.

7. Invest in Two vacuums

When you live with a pet, you need not just one, but two vacuums. Get a robot vacuum cleaner that can be turned on using your mobile app and clean the house thoroughly without your intervention. This is a great investment when you have a pet at home, as you may need to clean it multiple times and a robot vacuum makes the task effortless.

A robot vacuum cleaner can only clean the floor, but for cleaning surfaces and pieces of furniture, you should invest in a handheld vacuum cleaner that makes the task easier. It is usually lightweight and can be easily accessed to quickly clean an area. Many of these handheld vacuum cleaners come with a pet attachment that helps clean pet hair from upholsteries easily.

The Bottom Line

It can get tough to maintain a clean and beautiful home with pets around. A lot of people get used to the idea of a clumsy home when pets are around. You can have the best of both worlds when you make smart interior choices and train your pet to ensure it does not mess up the house.