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How To Use Temporary Fence Banners For Home Design

How To Use Temporary Fence Banners For Home Design

Temporary fence banners can be an excellent addition to your home, whether you use it for protection against dust and mites or placing an advertisement. If you want a fence banner for home, you have the liberty to choose your own design or even customize it according to your preferences. 

There are a variety of innovative ways to use temporary fence banners for home design. In this article, we have described some tips that’ll help you with this task.

1. Know How to Choose and Install

The first tip on using temporary fence mesh banners for your home is to know how to choose and install them. It provides you a guideline to install your temporary fence mesh banners correctly.

  • Sizing and Dimensions

The first thing you need to consider when using a temporary fence banners is to get the size and dimensions right. A banner that’s too small or enormously big will make your home look sloppy. Get the perfect fit by getting the measurements before you start installing it. 

  • Banner Material 

Temporary fence banners can be built using various kinds of material. The most common material used for banners is mesh. So, with mesh material, you need to be able to get the thread count to make sure that it’s sturdy. On top of that, there are two types of mesh—open weave mesh and premium mesh. 

Premium mesh usually has a better quality in terms of printing because it’s more tightly woven. A premium mesh is recommendable for temporary mesh fence banners with more intricate designs due to the tightly woven nature.The premium mesh is also thick and heavy, measuring around 280gsm. Though it can carry good designs, it’s not recommendable if you aim to have some airflow since it blocks out 80% of the air.

On the other hand, open weave mesh is loosely woven with small gaps within the banner. This kind of structure allows more wind to pass through due to the small holes. However, the disadvantage with this structure is that it’s more prone to tears and ripping due to the added pressure from the wind. Open weave mesh also has a lower gsm at 175gsm as compared to premium mesh at 280gsm. 

  • Use the Correct Tools and Get the Right Finish 

When getting a fence banner for your home, you need to be sure that the fixtures are all in place, ready to be installed in your home. Some of the common ones are button holes, welded edge, hemmed edges, and stainless-steel eyelets. You also need to make sure that you have cable or zip ties to install your banner. 

 How To Use Temporary Fence Banners For Home Design

2. Create a Design

When using a temporary fence banner, you have the freedom to customize the design as well. Keeping this thing in mind, make sure the design of the fence banner fit the theme of your home. Even if it’ll be there just for a short period of time, it’s important that it still looks appealing on your home. To ensure you get an appropriate design also implies that you need to look for professionals who can produce high-quality print results. Consequently, it’ll also ensure that more people will notice your banner. 

3. Protect from Dust

More often than not, a temporary fence banner is usually put up to prevent dust from entering your home or escaping outside due to construction. The temporary fence banner will serve as a barrier between your home and the road. If this is your purpose for the temporary fence banner, you might need to opt for premium mesh banners. 

4. Serve as Advertisement

Protecting your home from dust isn’t the only use of a temporary fence banner. It can also serve a greater purpose as a tool for advertising. Instead of putting some plain color or design, you can decide to display any advertisements as the design on the fence banner. 

In this way, you can direct people towards another business and increase sales for that specific business. The advertisement on the banner can be about your own business or someone else’s business. If you choose to advertise someone else’s business, you might even get paid to display that temporary fence banner up your home. 


These are just some tips and ways of using temporary fence banners for your home. In whichever way you choose to use temporary fences, be sure to set up the foundations to install it the right way, and choose the right materials.  Lastly, a temporary fence banner can ramp up your home’s overall look while serving other needs for your home.