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Industrial Decoration Tips: Furniture and Lighting

Industrial-style inspired kitchen

The industrial style has been widely used in residential areas. Its origin dates back to the 1970s, when old warehouses were transformed into urban residences. Currently, you can adapt this type of decoration in various rooms in your flat or home.

The essence must be present in the space. Therefore, try to keep the large windows with exposed frames, brick walls, metal stairs, the use of concrete and burnt cement, apparent structure and few divisions in the room. Investing in white fluorescent tube lights will bring a brighter and cooler vibe.

Other styles that can go perfectly with the industrial style are the vintage and the rustic. The first can light your space with colourful elements (pastel shades) along with furniture in natural wood. If you prefer the second option, try fitting on old and worn light with metallic tones that further reinforce the style.

It’s common nowadays to see the rustic industrial style in rustic atmospheres. So, take advantage of doors and windows with an older look. The coffee table can be a tree trunk, a pallet can serve as a bed, a bedside table can be made with boxes of vegetables and some other unique and antique pieces can complement the space.

 Industrial style inspired kitchen with yellow staircase

Characteristics of the industrial style

Bricks: it is impossible to talk about the industrial style without mentioning the presence of bricks on the walls. The use of this material is reminiscent of old factories and construction sheds. The exposed brick ensures a touch of rusticity to the environment, when complimented with wood and warm colours.

Metal: a striking feature, the metal structure is very functional and blends well with the industrial composition. You can leave the steel beams exposed or integrate them into furniture or stairs. Its surface texture can vary from matte black to silver, depending on the project’s colour palette.

Exposed house skeleton: the industrial decoration dismisses ceilings, leaving the structures of the house or flat exposed, to guarantee a shed look. Thus, concrete or wooden roofs are ideal to reinforce the style even more.

Cool lighting: to light up the room, the idea is to use tubular fluorescent lights hanging by wires or aligned on the ceiling, bringing a more rustic look. Neon tubes on the wall with a phrase or drawing can also match the style and bring more life to the flat.

Burnt cement and concrete: the unfinished appearance of cement and concrete is a strong point of the industrial style, which bring boldness and originality to the environment. Why not adapt this style for the walls, ceiling, or the worktops and other furniture in the house?

Sober colours: the colours of the industrial look belong to a more sober and neutral palette. Remember that you can use more vibrant and warm colours to integrate the environment in a balanced way.

This way, you can apply the industrial look in various environments, from bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens and even balconies. To renovate your home without spending too much, you can invest in adhesive wallpapers or coatings that simulate bricks or other rudimentary details.