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Inspirational Design Ideas for the Home

Inspirational Design Ideas for the Home

What does your home say about you? When you walk through the front doors, do you feel comfortable and relaxed? Do you feel light and airy or closed-in? Does the interior design energize you, or does it lack any emotion at all?

Your home is your castle. Not only does it provide essential protection and shelter from outdoor elements and intruders, but it’s also the one place that you can truly call your own. You want to feel inspired by your home — to wake up and feel excited for the day. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to feel that way when your house lacks character or custom design. When was the last time you give it a makeover? While doing such a task takes some effort and time, it’s worth it. 

You want to show your personality through your home’s design. Check out these home décor ideas on how you can do precisely that.

Add Oak Panelling to the Walls

If you prefer a more classic, traditional design, consider adding oak panels to your walls. Also called “wainscoting,” the Dutch came up with this design trick in the 1300s as a decorative way to shield the bottom half of plaster walls from damaging nuisances such as spurts on riding boots and moving chairs. Today it’s a symbol of elegance and can give any ordinary room a cozy, old-world aesthetic. 

You can amplify the beauty of your interior by adding it to any room in the house, including the living room, family room, kitchen, and even the bathroom.

If you’re a handy person, taking on the project isn’t as challenging as it looks. But if you’d prefer someone else to tackle the job, your local contractor would be more than happy to help you out.

 Inspirational Design Ideas for the Home

Invite the Outside In With a Sunroom Addition 

You probably love the serene beauty of nature — the cool breeze from the trees, watching the full moon settle in the sky each month, and feeling the sun’s beams radiate on your skin. However, you’re not a fan of bugs, unpredictable weather, or pollen (thanks to those pesky seasonal allergies). Fortunately, that’s why sunrooms are so handy. 

A sunroom addition provides all of the beautiful qualities of the outdoors right inside your home. Sunrooms are made with glass walls, so you can feel as if you’re sitting outside in your house regardless of whether it’s allergy season or not. In addition, the right sunroom will bring ample natural light into your house, so you’ll feel energized every morning from the sun’s nourishing rays, full of vitamin D. 

You’ll be able to gaze at the stars on summer evenings, and you’ll never have to swat a mosquito away again because you’ll be sitting on a cozy chair, all in the protective comforts of home. 

Let In the Light

Speaking of vitamin D, another way to give life and character to your living space is to brighten it up with windows. Consider adding a few skylights to your kitchen, bathrooms, and any other room that might need a little boost. 

Your home is an extension of you — your style, interests, and personality. So be inspired by it daily with these creative design ideas!