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Interior Trends to Follow in 2020 

Interior Trends to Follow in 2020 

This year will come with some exciting interior design trends, the basic idea being that artists are free to experiment with colors and styles in new ways. Therefore, if you are thinking about what you can do with practical items around your home such as the air sanitizers, the next lines might help with some ideas. 

Timeless looks 

There are certain behavioral trends that always influence everything when it comes to interior design, and the one that has been going on for a while is that consumers are no longer thinking short-term, and when they purchase a new item they try to integrate it in a useful way and make it part of a long-term plan. 

Plus, homes and interior spaces are all about expressing a personal style and further develop it, while the ecological aspect of furnishing and decorating any space definitely becomes increasingly important. However, timeless looks are still here to stay, as long as they are adapted into the space’s style and they fit all the other aspects. 

 Interior Trends to Follow in 2020 


Given that we’ve mentioned the sustainability aspect of interior design, it’s important to take into account that people are becoming highly ecologically conscious. It might still not be enough for the moment to stop some of the harmful human activity, but it’s definitely a growing trend that needs to be taken into account by any business and industry. 

Consumers are looking for an ethical component when they are making a purchase, which is something that has not been here a couple of decades ago. Therefore, the same applies when it comes to homes and interior design. Besides materials being made through sustainable means, people are also looking for earthy and warm elements to bring into their spaces. 

Lighting is another part of interior design that has definitely been on a rising trend in the past years. Light is no longer a functional element, it’s a bold detail that can shape an entire space. 

Therefore, the market now offers a wide range of solutions with optional wire guard, these items being ideal for those who don’t want to work on the home’s hardwiring but want to light up different corners. 

Countryside style 

We know that the common farmhouse look has been around for a while and too many people have integrated it in their homes, so it’s no longer a trending option. However, this doesn’t mean that it will go out of style. Rather, it will evolve into something a bit more sophisticated, with European influences and whimsy details. 

This year will be all about mixing various patterns, as well as new decor with antique elements. In terms of colors, neutrals will still be part of the mix, but they won’t be preponderant anymore. Some of them will be replaced with various jewel tones and saturated hues. Walls, tiles, and other items such as cabinets and furniture are going to be perfect opportunities to add more color. 

Some say that pink is going to make a comeback in 2020, with various earth tones added, but this always depends on personal preferences as well. However, it’s good to keep an eye on this trend, as you might find that it works perfectly for your home. 

 Interior Trends to Follow in 2020 


We all know that patterns are here to make our lives better, and the same goes for this year. It’s true that you might not always find the right mix, but the good news is that you don’t need to follow any rule any longer. 

Prevalent for certain items around your home, such as textiles and tabletops, patterns need to be mixed with colors at various scales. Don’t be afraid to be bold and you’ll get amazing effects.