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MBOX to PST Migration: Key Reasons and Advantages

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MBOX is a common format used to store your email correspondence in a single file. In other words, this is a kind of mailbox where emails are stored as a chain, and each letter begins with a “From” header. A file with the MBOX extension stores a list of messages for a given recipient in sequential order. The MBOX format is not standardized in any RFC document, and therefore its structure is largely dependent on the software that uses this format to archive email messages. The format has many drawbacks, some of which are:

  • No message encryption;
  • Sequential reading from one file, even for numerous messages, causes problems with parsing;
  • Any user with access to this MBOX file can read saved messages;
  • The file locking mechanism must be used to ensure file integrity when multiple users access it at the same time.

All these reasons cause serious concerns about the security of correspondence among Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, Claws Mail, Netscape, Mozilla Mail, Opera Mail, and other clients of mailing services. That’s why they consider migration to another mailing client an optimal solution. But now, due to the growing popularity of Microsoft Outlook, which stores data in a PST file and provides extensive features and benefits, converting from an MBOX file to PST has become commonplace. Due to the mail storage format differences, migration to MS Outlook can be either performed with the help of the Mbox to Outlook converter or manually. As for the alternative mailing services, there are also automated and manual guides available.

Why Do Users Convert MBOX to PST?

For converting MBOX to PST, each user may have his own reasons, but there are several common ideas why they initiate it. The disadvantages of the MBOX file format and the advantages of the PST force users to transfer their correspondence to Outlook. Below are a few possible reasons:

  1. MS Outlook has better functionality than email clients that support MBOX file format;
  2. To perform tasks with MBOX files, an Internet connection is required, but this is not necessary for Outlook PST files;
  3. Email services that use the MBOX file format are not very advanced, so companies don’t use them;
  4. There are often problems such as blocking files in MBOX, which restricts users access;
  5. Being a Microsoft product, Outlook has better security features than any alternative.

Disadvantages of Manual Methods

The manual methods of converting MBOX to PST have several disadvantages, which are mentioned below:

  • Manual methods are time-consuming;
  • A user may accidentally change the data;
  • Technical knowledge is required;
  • This method does not support multiple conversions of MBOX files to PST.

To avoid such situations, you can choose a third-party solution that is convenient, efficient, and does not take much time to export MBOX files to PST. Selecting the best path for converting MBOX to PST is critical. Otherwise, it will cause incorrect migration and change the original data.

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Pros of Using Dedicated Converters

Pros of using specialized apps for file conversion are obvious for every busy person. You simply don’t waste your time searching for manuals and don’t risk your correspondence manipulating the MBOX files. You can successfully convert MBOX to Outlook PST in a short amount of time with all the subsequent advantages:

  • The resulting PST file is compatible with Outlook;
  • No MBOX file size limit for migration;
  • The converter is effective for many mailing services on the market;
  • It provides the opportunity to maintain a folder hierarchy for exporting MBOX to Outlook PST;
  • Easily installs on Windows 10 and all previous versions.

Due to the disadvantages of the manual method, users do not prefer to use it, so they look for professional software.

Who May Take Advantage of the Specialized Migration Tools?

You will be surprised to hear that almost every PC user may need a specialized file converter at least once. Therefore, there are three main categories of users who appreciate the benefits of the fast MBOX to PST migration:

1. Individuals

This is probably the largest group of people who faced the need to migrate from the outdated mailing services to the most advanced. For example, they are tired of the spam letters, which are not filtered by the outdated service, or their mailbox has been hacked, so they don’t feel safe with this service anymore. Outlook migration can be a nice solution in any of the above-mentioned cases, as it provides advanced filtering and security to its clients.

2. Companies

This is not a secret that many companies use Outlook as their corporate email software. The small-sized company’s budget doesn’t allow the deployment of the independent corporate mailing software, so they choose Outlook as one of the most advanced all-in-one tools for their employees. Meanwhile, these employees are often forced to migrate between mailing services due to the renewed security standards of the company or any other reasons. In such cases, special converters are used.

3. Professionals

People expect IT specialists to solve their problems quickly and guarantee the security and integrity of files. Therefore, real professionals have to be prepared for various situations and have convenient tools at their hand. Various online converters cannot be considered secure because they may violate the security standards of the clients and cause corporate espionage. That’s why investing in reliable software is a perfect idea, especially when working with office employees. 

As you can see, many people may benefit from the installation of specialized conversion software. 

In Conclusion

Now you know in detail who, when, and why may require a specialized MBOX to Outlook converter. There is no doubt that this list can be extended because practically anyone may face the problem of email migration. If you still consider this a useless investment, you should recall how much your time costs. If you are not going to search and study any manuals, risk all your correspondence to save a couple of dollars – just install the file converter and enjoy a quick result.