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Professional Plumbers: Techniques and Equipment for Clearing a Blocked Drain

Professional Plumbers: Techniques and Equipment for Clearing a Blocked Drain

A blocked drain is a common plumbing issue that people encounter every day. It can happen at any time. You need to call a professional plumber immediately if a blocked drain issue arises. When left unattended, it can cause wastewater to accumulate within your pipes, creating unpleasant smells that may cause you to experience nausea and headaches among other health risks. Read on to learn how a professional plumber clears a blocked drain.


This technique uses powerful steam from a high-pressure hose with pressurized water to clear out the drain. To perform hydro-jetting, a professional plumber needs to make a clean-out on your plumbing system to reach all the debris causing the blockage. It’s in this opening that the plumber will force water to push the mineral-build-up, hair, grease, or any other compound through the drain.

Before using a Hydro-Jet, however, the plumber inspects the drain with a small camera to ensure that the pipes can handle the pressure. Otherwise, they will burst, creating a more complex problem. The beauty of this process is that it not only breaks down the clog but also clears it entirely, leaving your pipes clean. With hydro-jetting, a professional plumber cleans your pipes fast and in an environmentally friendly way.

Use of hot water

A majority of the clogs in the sink are made up of soap, grease, residue, tepid water, and hair that accumulate around the drain opening. A professional plumber blacktown uses the hot water technique only on metallic or ceramic pipes. If hot water is passed through pipes made of PVC, they will loosen and start to leak within a short time.

This technique involves a professional plumber pouring boiling water into the drain so that it dissolves whatever debris that is lodged on your pipes. Remember that the average hot water alone will not cut it in this. He will then pour the water slowly into the blocked drain to keep it from splashing and causing injuries.

 Professional Plumbers: Techniques and Equipment for Clearing a Blocked Drain

Use of the electric eel drain cleaner

Also known as a plumber’s snake, professional plumbers use the electric eel cleaner to clear those severe blockages that disrupt your ability to perform daily domestic tasks like bathing, cooking, and cleaning. The plumber’s snake has a rotating coil at the tip that spins cutting down the clog until it’s all cleared. The electric eel drain cleaner works well for blockages that are near the drain opening.

Use of caustic cleaners

Caustic cleaners are widely used and are readily available in local supply houses. Caustic cleaners are available in powder or liquid form. A caustic cleaner causes a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with organic materials, such as food, hair, or grease. A professional local plumber from teamemergencyplumber.com usually follows the following steps to get the best results when using caustic cleaners to clear a blocked drain:

·         Step 1: Diluting 3 cups of caustic in 3 litres of cold water.

·         Step 2: When the mixture begins to fizz, the plumber pours it into the blocked drain and lets it stay for 30 minutes.

·         Step 3: Boiling 4 litres of water and flushing it down the drain. The plumber may repeat the process a couple of times until the drain has unblocked completely.

Full excavation

There are cases when the blockage is extreme that the professional plumber will need to excavate to replace your pipes. To avoid taking out your whole plumbing system, the professional plumber starts by determining the exact location of the blockage. This process involves digging the earth’s surface to reach where your pipes are. A full excavation may be tedious but when new pipes are installed, your whole system will be restored to its original condition.


Whether you are dealing with a blocked kitchen sink or toilet, you can make use of these tips to clear the mess causing you discomfort. Some of these methods are easy, and you can do them comfortably. Some methods like full excavation require you to work with a professional plumber because of the tools required. Blocked drains are a nightmare that will keep on recurring in your home. You need to learn some of the techniques discussed in this article so that you can address some simple plumbing issues quickly before they grow into major issues.