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Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Water Filter System

Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Water Filter System

A water filter system can help make the water you drink cleaner and healthier. It can also be used to eliminate impurities from borehole water or well water so that it can be used for some purposes like outdoor cleaning.

The best water filter system can last for many years. But, no matter how you regularly check it, the system will deteriorate in the long run. So, it’s crucial to know when you should replace your system to avoid inconvenience.

Not sure which type of water filter to buy? A whole house water filter might be the best option for your home. According to Waterfilterspot, Springwell, AquaOX and Aquasana are currently the trusted whole-house filter brands in the industry. Check here to learn more about the Waterdrop filter.

Below are some of the signs you should look for when deciding if you should upgrade your water filter system:

Presence of Sediments

You might see small pieces of debris, dirt, or scale in the water that hasn’t been completely filtered. If it happens, it shows that your system should be replaced, or upgrade it with an option like an undersink model from Filtap.

You must check to ensure that there’s no easily-corrected fault with your system before replacing the entire thing. But, once you’re assured yourself that the fault in your water filter system isn’t easily repairable, you must invest in a newer one immediately.

Strange Scent

Water that’s improperly filtered can take on an unpleasant and peculiar smell. Usually, this smell reveals that the filter has become clogged, dirty, or inefficient, and the water may not be suitable for drinking.

If your water filter system produces water with a strange scent, you might want to replace a part of it, repair it, or you can replace the entire system. If replacing parts and making repairs don’t fix the issues, it’s time to change your water filter system.

Reduced Water Pressure

The best water filter system is supposed to eliminate impurities and contaminants in your drinking water to make it cleaner and safe for you and your family. If you’ve noticed low water pressure in your house, it’s likely that your system’s filters aren’t doing their job well.

 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Water Filter System

Slow Filtering Speed

If your water filter system takes a long time to filter water when it used to be fast, it’s likely ready to be changed over, or there’s a clog affecting the system.

If you’re using reverse osmosis systems, the filters may take about six hours to fill a tank with a standard size. New filters, on the other hand, can do the filtration for two to four hours.

Odd Noises

One of the common warning signs that you need to upgrade your water filter system is when your faucets or drains begin to make odd noises. Such noises are often heard after installing a reverse osmosis water filter. Although it’s normal, if the noise continues, you might need to have it checked by professionals to know if the installation was done properly.

Mineral Buildup

Water filter systems remove minerals such as magnesium and calcium, which may leave deposits on the plumbing fixtures and dishes. If the water filter isn’t working properly, you might notice mineral deposits or stains on your sinks, fixtures, and dishes.

Moreover, minerals can clog the appliances and showerheads. It also makes detergent and soap less effective, which leave your clothes looking dingy. If you’ve noticed these signs, it means that it’s time to choose a better water filter for your home.


Water filter systems are supposed to filter water while getting rid of the harmful contaminants and contents present in it. Once you’ve used the system beyond its life expectancy, it’ll stop its function automatically, and you can quickly notice from the water’s quality.

Whether you want to replace your water filter or purchase a new one, there are many choices for water filter systems in the market. The only thing that you should do is to buy a quality system from a reliable seller.