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Six Creative Projects to do with Silicone Molds

Woman modeling a piece of plasticine

cottonbro from Pexels

For bakers and home chefs, silicone moulds are a must-have. They are made of a non-stick substance that is heat and cold-resistant. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and make baking enjoyable. They usually endure a long time and can be used for other purposes as well.

Pouring silicone into a prepared form, mould box, or mould die produces silicone moulds. The silicone takes on the shape of the container or the thing that is placed inside it. Hobbyists and artists who make candles, jewelry, and miniatures love using silicone molds.

What are Silicone Molds?

Pouring silicone into a prepared form, mould box, or mould die produces silicone moulds. The silicone takes on the shape of the container or the thing that is placed inside it. Hobbyists and artists who make candles, jewellery, and miniatures love using silicone moulds.

Silicone must be purchased to make silicone decor moulds. On the Internet, you can find suitable silicone at arts and crafts stores, hardware stores, and specialty stores. If you’re having silicone sent, make sure to look into the shipping costs first because it’s a heavy substance.

How are Silicone Molds made?

Platinum catalyzed silicone and tin catalyzed silicone are the two forms of silicone that can be used to make molds. Platinum catalysed silicone, also known as addition cure silicone, contains elements that slow down the curing process, allowing the silicone mould to be manipulated more easily. Tin catalysed or condensation cure silicone is not extensively utilised since it cannot be heated to keep it flexible. It becomes more difficult to deal with as a result.

Silicone moulds are divided into four categories: block, block multiple pieces, glove, and cast glove. A room temperature working space, safety gloves, plastic sheets, mixing containers, stirring sticks, and a mould box are all required for these types of moulds. Moulds are used to make a variety of items, and the right mould for the job should be chosen based on your desired outcome. For more details explore here how to make your own silicone molds.

 Woman carves a sculpture

Six Projects that can do with Silicon Moulds

1. Silicon models

Many people have models of gods in their homes or models of famous characters. Do you have import, all this is also made with the help of silicon molds. silicon models are very strong and creative. They can also be made at home. Which sample model will you use to make silicone molds, you can make the exact same model with the help of this mould. You can use silicon models in your home or as a decorative product.

2. Crockery

There are many crockeries in everyone’s kitchen such as teacups, coasters, plates, pots. Making all these things with the help of a machine like before has become old-fashioned now. Right now it can also be made from silicone moulds. By making silicon moulds in the shape of any of your favourite crockery, you can remove hundreds of similar pieces from these silicone moulds. In this, you can make crockeries of any kind of material, and of any color. Isn’t it awesome?

3. Toys

Small children are most attracted to toys. But they do not like to play with the same toys for a long time. Now you will say from where to bring new toys? So this problem of yours has also gone away, you can make different types of toys at home with the help of silicone moulds. Not only this, but kids can also make them easily. For example, putting crayons in the mould and keeping it in the freezer becomes a toy. Kids also love doing such creative works.

4. Sculptures

At present, there is no need for any kind of art education to prepare any sculpture. Yes! Silicon moulds made this even easier. With the help of any sculpture, the same exact duplicate sculpture can be made from the silicone mould. It does not require any kind of skills. But if you are a sculpture artist then your work is going to be easier. You can make many models of any sculptures from your creation in less time.

Sculptures are used in many places, such as in museums, in functions and to enhance the beauty of the house etc.

5. Creative face mask

You must have seen in Hollywood movies that there are many such characters who are very strange in appearance. Like the characters in the series of Marvels and in movies like Pirates of Caribbean, they are made with the help of silicone moulds. In this, a mask is prepared on the body of the person with the help of silicon, then the same mask is used as a mould. Many characters can be made alive by making a mask from silicone moulds. Because everything made from it is very realistic.

6. Candles

Be it a birthday or a candlelit dinner, every time we think that we can do something creative so that it looks special. So leave your worry now, because with silicon moulds you can make your candles of whatever structure you want. Such as heart shapes candles, funny face candles, cartoon character candles, designer candles, Name candles etc. In whatever shape you want candles, you can use it by making a silicon mould of the same shape.