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SNAP turns any surface into DIY furniture


Design firm Be-elastic introduces SNAP, an assembly system for furniture that features an innovative mechanism that allows users to design endless one-of-a-kind tables, TV stands, shelves, and many more. For instance, you can design a table from a dartboard, or even a bicycle wheel. It’s up to you how many legs a table must have. Whit SNAP, you decide and change the color, shape and material of your furniture whenever you want. There is no need of tools or drilling holes. With the ease with which SNAP can be placed, you can create your own furniture in just a few seconds. SNAP adapts to the needs of everyone, anytime.

Be-elastic is now in Kickstarter with SNAP, where the project raised 100% of its funding goal in just a few hours. Learn more here.

2-snap-turns-any-surface-into-diy-furniture 3-snap-turns-any-surface-into-diy-furniture 4-snap-turns-any-surface-into-diy-furniture 5-snap-turns-any-surface-into-diy-furniture 6-snap-turns-any-surface-into-diy-furniture 7-snap-turns-any-surface-into-diy-furniture

all images and video courtesy of Be-elastic