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The Best Interior Designers In The World Today

The Best Interior Designers In The World Today

Interior design is more than just science. It is an art form, and interior designers are its artists. It combines art and science to create a beautiful space through the use of planning, research, and management. Like any field, interior design has individuals who are truly outstanding in their craft.

Below is a list of the best interior designers in the world today.

Candy Scott has been in the business for 17 years, and she continues to take inspiration from the world around her and turn it into beautiful interior designs. If you read Candy’s Medium blog, you’ll see how much she learned during her years of hard work.

She has a heart for art, nature, and adventure which clearly shows through her interior designs. She likes things simple but recognizes each one to its maximum potential. For her, it’s all about the client, inspiring them to realize what the best interior design fits their homes.

Philippe Starck is a French interior designer, creator, and architect. He has been designing hotels, restaurants, and yachts since the 1980s. His designs became iconic and are considered timeless pieces in the urban structure.

He believes that an object should have a good purpose first before being beautiful. He is a visionary. His designs advocate beauty as well as sustainability which is why he developed the concept of democratic ecology.

 The Best Interior Designers In The World Today

Kelly Wearstler is an award-winning American designer famous for her hotel designs including the San Francisco Proper Hotel, and Viceroy Hotels and Residences. The New Yorker dubbed her as “the presiding grande dame of West Coast interior design.”

Wearstler is also an author. She wrote four books namely Modern Glamour, DomiciliumDecoratus, Hue, and Rhapsody. Her luxurious style became an inspiration to the design industry. Her work also extends to famous clients such as Cameron Diaz and Gwen Stefani.

FAIAs Leo Marmol and Ron Radziner founded the Marmol Radziner firm. It is established in 1989 and based in Los Angeles, California. Aside from architectural design and landscape, the design studio also specializes in furniture and jewelry design.

The firm aims to design homes that stand the test of time. Concrete, natural stone, and wood are all materials that age well like fine wine. And those materials are embedded in most of their designs.

Famously known for his iconic Knotted Chair, Marcel Wanders is an unpredictable spirit that not only impresses but also entertains. He is passionate about his craft and pushes boundaries that may sometimes result in questionable pieces, but always manages to surprise people with his ingenuity.

 The Best Interior Designers In The World Today

The Dutch designer has his own studio and is the art director and co-founder of Moooi. He opened his studio in the year 1995 and has now become a very influential designer. He has a bold and extravagant style that reflects his personality.

Victoria Hagan is what people call the queen of interior design and architecture. She is said to define the term “lady decorator.”  Her intelligence in her line of work and style is what makes her respected. Truly unique with sophistication and timelessness.

Hagan has been in the industry for 25 years and celebrated for her elegant and luxurious residential designs. Her classic American style features refined materials, string silhouettes, and sophisticated color which results in an overall vintage look.

Another Kelly, but with her different style. Kelly Hoppen’s style is laid back. Not laid back as in using minimal and simple pieces but more of a relaxing and calming ambiance. The South African designer was a Dragon in the UK’s Two – Dragon’s Den.

Designing a family friend’s kitchen is what jump-started her career at only 16 years old. Now, she is internationally known and had celebrity clients. She mostly designs residential houses but also does commercial projects and private yachts.

Luxury and opulence will always tie with the name Eric Kuster. He is a Dutch interior designer who has designed many luxurious homes, hotels, and nightclubs. He is also the designer of the Barcelona football stadium’s VIP room.

Masculine defines his style. The balance between light and shade sets a dramatic and moody atmosphere in his designs. He remains true to his “Metropolitan Luxury” brand.

Take inspiration from these great interior designers, whether you plan on redecorating your home or office or you plan to study interior design. The people listed above have made their contribution to their art form and continued to innovate and develop to make themselves better. They have different styles, but they are all persevering, passionate, and creative.