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Tips to Keep your Workplace Kitchen Safe 

Tips to Keep your Workplace Kitchen Safe 

Since the onset of the COVID-19 around two years ago, most workplaces have shifted to a work-from-home arrangement. However, with the successful rollout and administering of the vaccines, offices might be getting operational soon enough. 

Most probably, you have already put various advancements in the workplace. For example, you limit the number of staff on site and set desks to allow for social distancing. In addition, you are most probably following all the guidelines to ensure a safer return to work. 

However, with all this place, it’s easy to overlook the workplace kitchen. So here are some of the tips to keep the workplace kitchen Covid-safe for resumption of office work. 

Complete a thorough cleaning 

The first step towards keeping the kitchen safe is to clean it thoroughly. Having not been operating for some time, the kitchen is likely to have collected pollutants like dirt, dust, and other foreign particles. The kitchen might also have become home to some pets like roaches and rodents. 

Call disinfection services Singapore to clean and disinfect your office for all possible dirt and pests. The professionals provide efficient and thorough disinfecting services through their experienced and reliable office cleaning team. The team will also clean the various kitchen components like the cabinets and utensils. 

 Tips to Keep your Workplace Kitchen Safe 

Locate a hand sanitizer at the entrance 

Set up a sanitizing point at the kitchen entrance to ensure anyone accessing the kitchen has clean hands at all times. Placing the hand sanitizer at the entrance improves visibility. It also ensures one does not touch other contaminated areas before entering the kitchen. 

Establish a routine 

The other way to keep the communal kitchen safe is by providing guidance. Set out the ways through which the staff can ensure a clean kitchen environment at all times. For example, let the staff know they should always wash their hands before and after

visiting the kitchen. Provide the instructions on how best to wash hands and avail the necessary equipment like soap and water. 

Set a capacity 

If you are looking to keep the kitchen safe, then you have to regulate its access. Have a limit of how many of the staff can be in the kitchen at any particular time. This is very easy for the small offices where you avoid going to the kitchen when you see others already in. Otherwise, you might have to stagger the access in various departments floors or rooms during peak hours like the breakfast and lunch hour for the larger companies. 

 Tips to Keep your Workplace Kitchen Safe 

Indicate boundaries 

Social distancing is one of the most used terms ever since the lockdown and other Covid control measures. It has since worked seamlessly. Whether in the supermarket, hospital and eateries, users keep a distance from each other. Implement the same in your workplace kitchen. Create boundaries using strong removable tape to indicate the right standing point by the staff. 

Bottom Line 

Keeping your workplace kitchen safe is all about cleanliness and orderliness. Ensure the kitchen is clean at all times through regular cleaning by professionals. Also, provide guidelines on access and boundaries in the kitchen.