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Unique Design Strategies for Office Lighting

Unique Design Strategies for Office Lighting

Whether you’re designing an office for the very first time or you’ve designed many offices, there are so many great strategies to light your space for productivity and creativity. In any office space, the lighting is highly important, especially when it comes to creative businesses with bright and vibrant energy. 

Additionally, lighting can create a variety of moods and emotions, to the benefit of both employees and clients. If you’re looking for the very best lighting ideas for your workspace, there are many to choose from.

While every office and workplace will have its own unique goals and aesthetics, there are plenty of options to go around. If you want to find a unique lighting strategy for your office space, all you need to do is figure out your style and go from there. Here are just a few techniques that can get you started on the brainstorming process.

1. Versatile Lighting

One of the best strategies for larger office spaces is being as versatile as possible. This technique might mean different things to different people, so you can play around and find which ones work best for you. 

Ideas like using multiple light sources, combining natural and artificial lighting, mixing warm and cool tones, and even going with a few different colors can be a great way to show variety and diversify the effects that lighting has in your space.

 Unique Design Strategies for Office Lighting

2. Personal Lighting

If your office space involves many people working independently, whether they each have their own desks, their own offices, or even a traditional cubicle setup, personal lighting solutions can often be a great idea for productivity. 

Having overhead lights or personal lamps at each person’s workspace can allow for customization so each employee can be at their most productive and their most comfortable.

3. Lighting Your Decor

Sometimes, one of the primary reasons for paying attention to the lighting in any space is to ensure that the space itself gets the attention it deserves. That said, lighting your art and decor can be a great way to make the space feel brighter and more open. 

By using track lighting and picture lights, you can make sure all of the art in your space can be easily viewed by both guests and employees.

4. Lighting as Decor

Similar to the point above, you can use lighting not just to enhance your decor, but even to act as decor in your office space. From creative light fixtures to enchanting chandeliers, you can find options that stand out and enhance the artistic experience of your space.

Not only this, but the lighting you choose can span all the way from traditional options to modern, avant grade choices. By using this technique, you can hit multiple birds with one stone.

 Unique Design Strategies for Office Lighting

5. Warming Up

Lighting can change anybody’s experience of a space, from clients to employees. By asking yourself what kind of mood you want to create in your space, you can lean towards a certain technique when it comes to the temperature feeling of your office’s lighting.

For example, if you want to create a comfortable, homey experience that makes people feel secure, you might want to look into warmer color palettes and dimmer lighting.

6. Cooling Down

On the flipside, cooler color palettes and brighter lighting can have their upsides too. Specifically, cooler and more vibrant lighting can increase alertness, productivity, and creativity. Specifically, using these kinds of lights during the daytime to mimic daylight in office spaces that might not have many windows can be a great alternative to natural sunlight.

7. Dimmer Switches

Sometimes, bright lights feel like the best option for your space. However, there will also be times when dimmer lights feel like the best option. In order to navigate this, you may want to consider a dimmer switch or a variety of dimmer switches for your office’s lighting. 

Through this technique, you can get the best of both worlds and truly be able to customize the space on a day-to-day basis.

How to Light Your Office Space

When planning for an office space, there are plenty of things you need to consider. One of the most important details is how you plan to light the space where employees will likely do the bulk of their work. Although there are many options to wade through, it’s all about finding the lighting option that works the best for the office you’re designing.



Evelyn Long is the editor-in-chief of Renovated. Her work focuses on interior and architectural design and has been published by Build Magazine, the National Association of REALTORS and other online publications.