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What Do I Need to Study to Become an Architect

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Yaroslav Shuraev from Pexels

Do you ever enter a building and wonder who came up with the building’s idea, model, and construction? Every physical structure arose from the brilliant imagination of an Architect. 

If you like to design and have a keen eye for detail, you should consider getting a degree in architecture. This article provides a complete track of all you need to know about architecture. Plus, it contains how you can become an architect.

Who is an Architect?

Architects are specialists trained in designing buildings. They are licensed professionals that get their license after years of studying. They are in charge of a structure’s aesthetic appeal, safety, and efficiency.

The job is glamorous. However, it cannot be easy. It requires patience and a sharp eye for detail. 

They ensure that structures meet many public safety standards, quality, and functionality. So, an architect must have a great awareness of these demands. Besides, they must be creative. Because architects must work in groups, excellent interpersonal and communication skills are crucial.

Types of Architects

Technical Architects

These experts check the technical characteristics of a structure. They study a building’s ability to resist heat and explore a structure’s water tightness. 

They examine and alter the mechanics and features of a building. They ensure that a building meets regional and local building standards and regulations.

Planning Architects

Planning architects show a project’s compliance with local and national regulations. A planning expert researches an area’s legal restrictions. Likewise, they submit a project for approval to a relevant authority.

Site Architects

A site architect help oversee all construction site activities from beginning to end. These specialized architects provide construction workers with instructions. They get a contract and guarantee safety and quality throughout the project.

Design Architects

This type of architect handles a building’s entire design and construction. 

A design architect sketches up the basic structure and develops blueprints. Also, they improve the design to meet the client’s needs. 

This specialist assists with selecting building materials. The specialist supervises the construction and design team throughout the process.

Skill Tool Box for Architects

Architects have to do many things about a structure. Generally, they are in charge of the construction. As you have seen above, they focus on particular aspects of a building’s construction. 

Due to the general and technical commitment needed in creating a structure, they need hard and soft abilities to succeed. To be a successful architect, you need the following skill sets:

Math and Engineering Knowledge

As you have learned, architects are responsible for the design of buildings. To do this, they must be knowledgeable in mathematics and engineering. An architect requires you to measure. It involves engineering principles that you will apply to a project.  Every student should approach it responsibly. Of course, using college homework help is a great way to save time for students. But if you are an architect you should study hard.

Since math is very important to every architect, without the right basic kindergarten math skills, it will be difficult to learn advanced math and advance in this field.

Leadership Skills

Most architects not only design buildings but supervise their construction. What this means is that you must have strong leadership abilities. Overseeing the construction of a building requires leading teams. It ensures that all workers are aware of and committed to the project’s goals.

Communication Skills

To be an expert, effective communication is necessary as it means you will be able to express your vision. 

Certain concepts can be difficult for clients, and you break down ideas for clients through communication.

This skill helps you be able to ask relevant questions and these questions ensure that you understand your client’s needs. 

It would be great if you had the metaphorical sweet tongue and must be able to engage with clients confidently. So, it would help if you comprehend project demands as it would show your expertise. 

You are on your way to becoming legendary when you do what your client wants.

What Do You Need To Study to Be an Architect?

High School Education

First, get your high school education. The journey to becoming an architect begins in high school. High school is where you take conscious steps to achieve your dream. If you want to concentrate only on a few subjects, you may use writing services that will help you to deal with other assignments.

If you want to work as an architect, begin by focusing on the appropriate subjects in high school. 

After you finish your 10th grade, you should enroll in the science stream. It is to make mathematics one of your primary topics. It would be best to know maths because architects require math ideas when developing a structure. 

You must understand physics as you will need it. These abilities are beneficial when designing structures. 

It would be great to start indulging yourself in drawing exercises or hobbies.

Get a Degree

After obtaining a Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch), the B. Arch program is a 5-year program. 

This program provides architectural students with the skills to become an architect as it provides the information needed to become an architect. Learning includes theoretical and practical modules to develop well-trained architects.

You can choose from specialized bachelor’s degree programs. You do this after you have the standard B. Arch degree. These special programs are:

  • Bachelor’s in Engineering and Architectural Design
  • BEng in Landscape Architecture
  • BSc/BA in Architecture Technology & Construction Management
  • BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture & Design


Before becoming a licensed architect, you must complete a mandatory internship period. You do this at both master’s and undergraduate levels. 

Your studies need you to work under the supervision of a professional architect. Doing this helps you gain exposure to all technical aspects of designing. You also gain experience working as an architect. Most countries have regulated training programs for students preparing for their license tests.

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What Next?

Get your Practice License

The final and most significant stage is registering as a professional architect. To do this, you need a license to practice. Although, you can work as an architect without authorization in some countries. All you need is a degree in the architectural discipline in those countries. It is preferable to have a license because it opens up more job options worldwide. 

Every country has its department in charge of issuing architect licenses. An architect must register with The Council Of Architecture (COA) in India. You will be submitting all relevant paperwork and certificate. 

In the United States, an architect must also do a particular exam. Architects must pass the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards’ Architect Registration Examination.

Get Extra Certifications

Apart from the Architect Registration Examination in the United States, there is more. The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards offers extra-national certification. It is not compulsory. However, it may help you get architecture jobs in various states. Also, it shows your professional capabilities and competence.

Get Your Master’s Degree in Architecture

A master’s degree is the next innovative step. You can pursue a Master’s in Architecture (M. Arch) degree. Also, there special master’s level programs in Architecture. These programs are still the higher-level qualification you can pursue. 

Many B. Arch graduates choose to explore work prospects following graduation. A postgraduate degree will allow you to build specialized experience in a field.

Some Mistakes Architecture Students Make

Neglecting to Network

Networking entails meeting new people from various walks of life. It involves making friends, connecting on social media, and staying in touch. It is essentially forming a circle of people to whom you can reach out and ask questions if necessary. 

Knowing the right people years can boost your career as an architect before becoming one. Networking is crucial for a student who has chosen to learn and become an architect. It can help you to create a successful career. 

Networking helps to spread the word about your efficiency. People will discuss your ability for practical execution. That said, it is often an invaluable human resource.

Not Volunteering

Volunteering does not have to be a long process. Give several hours of your time to someone in need. It could be at least once a year. 

Volunteering means you will be offering your services, time, and attention to someone. So, rather than earning money for your services, you gain experience. What some architects don’t know is volunteering can help you network.  

Volunteering in companies or organizations relevant to your field is essential. It shows that you will always be ready to give back to the community. 

The best part is that it makes you eligible for scholarship opportunities. 

Focusing On Only Design

Designing is excellent, but you need more than designing to excel. You need practical experience. 

Many of the instructors teaching architecture are not licensed, architects. They don’t make buildings for actual people as a source of income. Instructors not having practical skills is a part of the problem with architecture education.

Usually, everyone at architecture school spends most of their time designing. They also don’t put their designs into practice. Not practicing doesn’t help architects develop at a fast rate. 


Becoming an architect can be challenging, but it is a career path you should follow. Not only is it rewarding, the feeling of creating something always brings satisfaction.