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What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Phone Bill (Easy Guide) 

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Eren Li from Pexels

Around the world, roughly 6.5 billion people own a smartphone. This means that more than half of the people you meet in your day-to-day life own a smartphone, which is mind-blowing when you think about it. 

When it comes to buying a smartphone, you can either enter a contract with a provider or buy a SIM-free model. Naturally, most people choose the contract option because it saves money and is more convenient. 

However, there is a slight downside to contracts: a lot of people choose contracts that they can’t afford. 

Or another common situation is that they choose a contract that eventually becomes too expensive for them (e.g., they might lose their job and can no longer afford it). 

If you’re one of the millions of people struggling to pay your monthly phone bill, don’t worry – help is here. Use the tips in this easy guide to solve your situation! 

1. Use a Finance App to Help You 

Nowadays, there are several apps available that enable you to gain stronger control of your finances, such as Deferit. This app will even cover phone bills you can’t afford (up to $2000), which you can then pay back via comfortable installments. It’s a lifesaver when you literally cannot afford to pay your phone bill. To get started, Download the app.

2. Speak to Your Mobile Provider

Generally speaking, mobile providers will work with you – not against you. After all, you’re a customer they care about. 

Whoever your mobile provider is, they might be able to help you if you explain your financial situation to them. Usually, this will involve paying your bill the following month instead. In some circumstances, it can even mean they will arrange a longer payment plan for you that you can work towards paying off over the coming months. 

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3. Downgrade Your Contract

If your contract is approaching the end of its cycle, then you have the opportunity to downgrade when you choose your next contract. Even though downgrading can be disheartening (especially when it means you have to choose a poor-quality phone model), it will save you from future financial pain. Plus, once you’re back on your feet again, you will be able to upgrade at the next available opportunity providing it’s financially safe to do so. 

4. Sell an Old Smartphone

If you have an old smartphone in one of your draws that you no longer use, it might be worth selling it so that you can cover your bill for this month. For example, any iPhone model after the iPhone 6 will receive a respectable trade-in figure that may even cover up to 6 months (or more) of future smartphone bills. 

5. Ask Friends and Family for Support

For the past year, you’ve probably paid your phone bills without a problem. However, you might have landed yourself in a sticky situation and can’t afford to pay it this month (basically, it’s a one-off event). If this is the case, a friend or family member will more than likely help you cover the cost of your bill for the month. Then, the following month, you’ll be able to pay them back and thank them for their help.