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1 Hotel South Beach Miami

Eric Laignel

Occupying an entire city block on Collins Avenue, 1 Hotel South Beach designed by New York-based firm Meyer Davis Studio sits directly on 600 feet of pristine beachfront. 1 Hotel South Beach offers unparalleled views of the Atlantic ocean, Miami’s natural paradise, Biscayne Bay and Downtown Miami’s ever-expanding skyline. Throughout the 426-room hotel the celebration of nature is evident, from the graceful twist of driftwood furnishings to the ever-present sounds of the ocean and abundance of living natural material.


In a celebration of nature and the locales surrounding the properties, 1 Hotels brings the outside in with living greenery throughout the guest experience, from the instant they approach a 1 Hotel until the moment they enter their room. At 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach, guests will be welcomed with 3,000 feet of living wall wrapped-around its exterior with 11,000 local tropical plant varieties and playful art as nature pieces such as interactive hanging terrariums, a plant laboratory from local Miami artisans Plant the Future.  At Central Park, guests will see a three-story living wall of English Ivy on the building’s exterior and be greeted by hanging kokedamas in the lobby with terrariums and indoor window planters in guestrooms from Brooklyn-based Sprout Home.


For interiors and landscaping, 1 Hotels has collaborated with architects and designers who share the brand’s vision on sustainability. At 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach, boutique design Meyer Davis Studio transforms a iconic Miami building on 600 feet of pristine oceanfront into a visionary statement of design inspired by nature and Nikola Gradisinki of NGNY revamped the property’s celebrated rooftop. AvroKO and landscape designer Harrison Green bring 1 Hotel Central Park to life through the raw beauty and imperfections of natural materials.

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all images © Eric Laignel