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10 Creative Gifts for Coworkers in 2021

10 Creative Gifts for Coworkers in 2021

We spend a third of our life on work. We eat here, communicate with people, make friends, and celebrate important dates.

Our colleges become closer and move from the category of colleagues to friends. When it comes to gifts, we want to present friends with the best thing they ever had.

This article is created to help you to choose fun gifts for coworkers despite the occasion.

1. Notebook 

Notebooks can become unique office gifts for coworkers if you choose something creative and bright.

This gift will be useful for everyone because when deadlines burn it is easy to forget important tasks and notebooks are good helpers in this case.

You can present something cute and unusual for a creative person or strong for serious men. The number of options is impressive and be sure you find the most relevant notebook for coworkers.

Every time writing words in this notebook person will remember you and say “thank you” in the thoughts.

2. Socks 

Do you know that Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has a personal collection of creative socks and combines them with a strictly regulated political dress code? Let your college feel like a prime minister and present custom made socks wholesale. It is a great opportunity to make happy not only your coworkers but also your friends and relatives. Moreover, the price is lower if you order some pairs.

Buy socks that did not exist before. Make coworkers feel unique. Furthermore, it is not only creative but also a useful gift. The feet will always be warm.

3. Desk organizer 

If you can’t decide what are good gifts for coworkers, be sure desk organizers are exactly the perfect choice.

People work effectively if the workplace is in order, and you can help with it.

There are different types of organizers. It could be made of metal, wood, or plastic, with pictures or monotonous.

Pro-tip: watch your colleagues and try to notice what actions they do. If the person spends each morning organizing the workplace, this gift is ideal for him/her.

4. File folder

If you are looking for small gifts for coworkers, a cute file folder is the best variant. This gift is ideal for people who have many documents and like structure in everything.

The choice can depend on gender and post. If it is a young woman you can present a folder with flowers, cats, or other cute animals. If it is a serious boss you can choose a black leather file folder.

5. Wine glass

One of the cool gifts for coworkers is cool wine glasses. Invent funny inscription and find a company that can make personal glasses.

Be sure, at each party, your coworker will drink wine and even water from this glass. But this gift suits if the person consumes alcohol because it will be a strength to present wine glass to people who never drink alcohol.

 10 Creative Gifts for Coworkers in 2021

6. Book 

If you don’t know what are good gifts for coworkers the book is a perfect one. Find out what interest a person has and choose something special for it. If people have a fancy for sport, find a book about the most important sportsmen in the world. If a person likes art, present him/her book with the beautiful but underrated works and their history.
Pro-tip: if you want to put one in bullseye start a conversation about books and reading at lunch and try to find out what book will be perfect for them.

7. Cup 

We spend much time at work and drinking coffee is like a morning ritual, that’s why a funny cup is one of the cool gifts for coworkers. But don’t be primitive, try to find something unusual and creative. You can search for cups on the web or make up personal writing or image. People appreciate when the present is made with an individual approach.

8. Stainless Steel Cup

For hot tea or coffee lovers choose a cup that can save the temperature of the drink for a long time. This gift suits people who have so many tasks and can’t keep up to drink coffee or tea in time.

9. Difficult puzzle

For those who like conundrums, a puzzle is a perfect choice. Give your coworkers a chance to enjoy the time bothering the brains. A great variant is to order a puzzle with many small and similar details. Let your college feel the cleverest person if he/she will finish jigsaw puzzle so fast.

10. Lunch Box

Spending eight hours at work we eat here and sure many of your coworkers bring lunch with them. Deprive them of looking for sealed cookware each morning. Find a high-quality lunch box that will last a long time. There are many cute boxes with spoons and fork included.

Bonus: Customized Phone Case

This is a viable gift option if you’re close with your coworkers. That’s because you’ll have to create a design that suits their style. It will take some effort, but that’s what makes this gift thoughtful and meaningful despite its simplicity. Make sure you know the phone models of your coworkers to choose custom phone cases that fit.


Our list of creative gifts for coworkers ends, but not ideas. Combine some variants or choose only one.

We think you have already had ideas about what you want to present to your coworkers.

Share please your ideas with us in the comments below.