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10 DIY Ideas For a quick and Cheap Home Decoration

10 DIY Ideas For a quick and Cheap Home Decoration

Home is the place where we gather grace. However, we often have this urge to decorate our home but the budget constraints force us to look elsewhere. But not anymore, we are here to tell you how you can literally transform your home upholstery within a fraction of the budget. I know what you’re thinking. No, we aren’t talking about just re-arranging things. We are here to tell you about 10 easy and affordable home decoration ideas that you can install at your home and design them yourself.

The planning and designing of home décor items might become an easy task after reading this article. But the price of availing the ingredients for the same can become highly expensive if not availed properly or rather strategically. 

Here are the top 10 DIY ideas for quick and cheap home decoration ideas:

Faux Concrete wall

If you are in a mood to get the rustic and rugged look for your house, let us suggest a fake concrete wall. You can paint a concrete-inspired wall to add various textures to your house. Follow a tolerant buffing technique before you achieve the perfect look after gathering your grey paint, dry paintbrush, and lint-free fabric.

All these items are available in a specific home décor package on Target for $20-$40 only. However, if you want to purchase them separately, they are available at a starting price of $8-$10 on Amazon.

 10 DIY Ideas For a quick and Cheap Home Decoration

Half-painted artwork

Do you have any half-painted artwork or a painting that you won’t mind separating into two parts? Well, this can give you a great home décor idea. You can separate an artwork or a painting into two parts, paste them on a vintage photo frame and get it to paint the lower part in a monochrome color. You can use this innovative artwork in your corridor, drawing room, lounge, etc. You can snag all these and more using the currently live Hobby Lobby Coupons and save yourself a whopping 40% slash down on your final shopping bills.

Rope railing

Are you a fan of Jumanji or Tomb Raider? You must have seen those rope bridges and wondered about having an imitation for the same. Well, you can use these rope railings around the staircase for improving the aesthetics of your home. These ropes are available for as low as $3 a bunch from Amazon. If you are looking for much better-quality ropes for banisters, you can check out the Walmart supermarket for the same.

Painting the front door

It is said that the first impression is the last impression. It’s not difficult to improve the appearance of your front entrance, whether it’s uninspiring or in need of a fresh coat of paint. You can always give your front door a new lease of life through spray paint or an attractive design if you are not in a mood to invest heavily in it. Just buy yourself a can of fresh paint from Amazon. 

Repairing an old chair

Yes, furniture plays a key role in directing the primary mood of one’s home décor. If you are unable to buy new furniture, you can always repair and reupholster your old furniture. There are several videos available on YouTube and other websites for the same that you can check out. The reupholster kit will require fabric of your choice, threads, needles, furniture, and fabric glues that can be either purchased separately for a starting price of $32 each on Amazon or you can get a combo offer on all of them from Hobby Lobby.

Use Plants as home décor items

If you have a green thumb, we need not tell you the importance of having plants inside your home. You can choose from a variety of potted plants or even flower pots on Staples. They will give you the much-needed fresh air within your home and a continuous supply of oxygen while improving the home décor. 

 10 DIY Ideas For a quick and Cheap Home Decoration

Make your own candles and soaps

Yes, it sounds crazy but there is nothing more exciting than decorating your home with items created by you. A lot of times, we throw away the candles without using them fully. Moreover, the residual wax is not reused and is eventually wasted. The case is similar to soaps that are wasted when they lose their shape. We suggest you check out some videos on YouTube and Pinterest for ideas on making your own candles and soaps. The candle and soap molds are available at Target for a starting price of $10 for a pack of 5 molds. The fragrance for these candles and soaps is also available at local Walmart or grocery shops at $5 a pop.

Use a rustic furniture

You must have watched horror movies and played games like Resident Evil. Ever wondered about the rustic-looking furniture shown in such movies and games? Well, you can turn any random furniture at home into a rustic one. All you will need will be a varnish, darker shade for a base coat and brown paint for striking those rustic lines across the furniture. This furniture could be an old armchair, side table, or even your old crockery cabinet. The paints are already available at Amazon and Walmart for attractive discounts as we have already discussed.

Restructure the contents of your showcase shelves

If you are not in a mood to DIY but still want to try it anyway, here is something. Just reshuffle the items on the showcase of one room to another. This would give you a sense of accomplishment at no additional cost.

Use walls for storage

With the help of easy-to-install shelves on the wall, you can convert your mundane wall into a full-fledged storage space. You can store plants, die-cast cars, photo frames, and other collectible items that you want to showcase to your guests and visitors.


DIY projects of any sort give us a sense of accomplishment. Moreover, when the DIY project is related to home décor, it deserves all the appreciation. One should keep in mind that the supporting elements and items required for home décor don’t come for cheap and they should always be purchased after checking the coupon affiliating websites so as to get the best possible deal on shopping.