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10 Ideas for Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom lined in terrazzo featuring a full-height window

The bathroom is a favored room for remodeling. Due to the small size, it is relatively cheap and quite enjoyable as it’s the room that everyone wants to make as comfortable as possible. Here are 10 tips to make bathroom remodeling more fun and creative.

1. Clear Some Space

As bathrooms are usually tight in space, it’s a good idea to make free as much of it as possible. Try adding recesses and hidden compartments. Every square inch you save doing so will make a difference as the room will seem much more spacious.

2. Hire Professionals

A skilled team has all the tools and knowledge to make your ideal bathroom become a reality. If you know what you want but don’t know how to achieve it, they will come up with solutions. You can find the best bathroom remodelers in Canton, OH, and encounter ideal contractors to work with.

3. Upgrade Ventilation

Remodeling is a perfect opportunity to increase air circulation in your bathroom. You can do so by installing larger windows or a more powerful exhaust fan. Either way, more fresh air will increase both comfort and hygiene.

4. Add Plants

Having plants in the bathroom will make it look more modern, fresh, and lively. Contemporary bathrooms will look great with wildflowers, while the modern minimalistic design will work great with small green plants. You can add a floating shelf to give them dedicated space.

 Pink bathroom with black sanitary ware

5. Change the Flooring

If cleaning the bathroom floor has been a challenge for you, it’s time to change it. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are both stylish, durable, and easy to maintain solutions. They can easily withstand everything the daily use will throw at them.

6. Change the Color Scheme

There are tricks to make small spaces seem bigger. One of them is picking the right color. Dark colors make the space visually small and squeezing. Use a light palette to make the room feel more spacious. Paired with enough lighting, the effect will be even greater.

7. Use Freestanding Decorations

If the space allows it, add a small chair, a cupboard, or any other piece of furniture on your mind. This will liven up the interior and make the bathroom cozier. You can add a wicker basket for dirty clothes, which will be both good-looking and practical.

8. Use Hooks for Storage

Adding hooks will increase storage space without restricting the area. They can be used for anything from washcloths to bathrobes and placed on any surface you want.

9. Add More Mirrors

Besides obvious use, mirrors are a nice decor element and can make a room seem bigger. In addition to the main mirror above the sink, you can place smaller mirrors on the other walls. There are numerous options in different sizes, shapes, and framings, so you can pick a design that best reflects your style.

10. Get Enough Lighting

Having enough light is essential for a room where you need to see yourself in the tiniest details. If it’s difficult to embody, the least you can do is add lighting around the bathroom mirror.