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11 Tips on How to Perfectly Decorate Your Dorm Room

Do you want your dorm room to look like those you see all over Instagram and Pinterest? What does it take to make it happen? Well, coming up with the ideal dorm room design takes more than just hanging a couple of stuff on the wall. If you really want that décor to pop, you have to put your back into it. 

Most college students have a limited budget. So, it’s paramount to get crafty without spending a hefty sum. That’s why we decided to share with you some budget-friendly tips you can use to design your own dorm room game. 

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11 College Dorm Design Tips for a Tight Budget

Many dorms are just tiny and impractical. They have little storage space and feel small. To make the most of your college experience, you need to come up with a dorm room design that will resonate with your style. 

Remember, every dime is well spent if you invest it in your personal space even though you will be there for just a little while. If you don’t want to get distracted, it’s best to finish up the college homework before you get down to decorating. 

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With that out of the way, here are some innovative college dorm design tips that can make the room appear prettier and bigger. 

Add Bed Risers

When designing a small room, the first and most practical solution would be to maximize the storage space. Even in the unlikeliest of spaces. That’s where the space under the bed can come in handy. 

Plus, you will be spending just a couple of bucks on lifting the bed from the floor. This tactic will elongate the space and make it appear prettier. Make some cubbies in the empty space while you are at it. You can keep your laptop in there and take it out whenever you need to look for information on the kite runner essay questions.

Change the Bedding and Curtains

The first thing you will notice after entering the room will be the bedding. Probably the most practical dorm room design tip is to replace the old boring sheets with something creative. Pick lighter colors to create subtleness or choose the brighter options for a livelier atmosphere. If you strive for elegance, darker colors will fit just well. Also, don’t forget to change the curtains since they will complete the entire look.

 11 Tips on How to Perfectly Decorate Your Dorm Room

Invest in Multi-Purpose Storage

There will be no place for massive storage compartments. Instead, you will need to arrange your stuff in practical storage, like an ottoman, for example. It is a seat, storage, and a table. 

Go Mini

Get a mini ironing board, small vacuum cleaner, or anything else that comes in a small size. The tinnier it is, the easier it will be to store. 

Get a Fluffy and Soft Rug

Rugs are both practical and pretty. Pick the 3×5-area one to make the floor appear longer. 

Add a Bit of Comfort With Pillows

Pillows are the cheapest decorating options that will accentuate the space. They add comfort and coziness to any college dorm design.

Place a Long Vanity Mirror

If you are looking for the ultimate way to design your own dorm room game, nothing can match the importance of a vanity mirror. Not only is it practical, but it also creates an illusion that makes the room appear bigger.

Decorate With Greenery

This is probably not the first time you’ve heard this advice, but it’s the best option to brighten up the place. Just make sure to get the succulents since they don’t need much care. You will need as much free time as possible to finish up those essays, particularly when browsing for kite runner essay topics.

 11 Tips on How to Perfectly Decorate Your Dorm Room

Stir Up Space With Some Lights

String lights can be the cheapest and easiest option to make a dorm more relaxing. While they don’t illuminate the space as a regular ceiling light does, they create a unique atmosphere. It’s a colorful college dorm design you can look forward to. 

Add a Touch Of Your Personality on the Wall

Do you love taking pictures? Have you printed out some of your favorite photos to store them in an album? If that’s the case, why not create a gallery wall in your dorm? You can frame every photo asymmetrically or symmetrically and decorate them however you like. This is a much more affordable option than having to buy some expensive paintings. It still gets the job done, and it looks stunning. 

Get Removable Wall Stickers

Most, if not all, dorm rooms come with a painted brick-like wall. They immediately feel unwelcoming and uncomfortable. But, instead of painting it and spending a lot of money on buckets of paint, you can get removable wallpaper. In fact, it will be the game-changer for your dorm room design. If you want a more calm tone, you can always go with beige. But, if you are interested in adding more color, you can experiment with textures. 


As you can see, revamping the dorm room doesn’t have to leave a dent on your credit card. There are many affordable options that can do the job well and give you the room you are looking for. Have you tried any of these options yet? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.