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3 Great Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Room in 2022

Living area overlooking back garden with large deck

Whether you are renovating a new home or changing up an old room in your house, there will always be elements that come in and out of fashion. These trends are influenced by many things including catwalk fashion and our desire to be more sustainable. 

If you are short of some inspiration, then checking out these latest trends can be a big help. Below, we have detailed three excellent ways to spruce up your living room this year. 

1. Experiment With Furniture

One of the main elements in your living room will be your furniture. The style and pattern of your furniture can have strong influences on the room. If you are planning on changing things up in your living room, then you should think about experimenting with different furniture. 

Companies like the Modern Furniture Company sell well-made and fashionable pieces that can become the centrepiece of the room. The benefit of this is that you can then use this as the inspiration for the rest of the decor. 

As well as looking at new furniture, you can take advantage of second-hand pieces that you may find in antique shops. These could be part of a project that you want to do transforming or renovating the furniture, or you can find a piece in good condition and use it straight away. 

Older pieces can add a lot of character to a room, and be a positive focal element. This could include a cabinet that has ornaments on display, or perhaps an old comfortable chair for watching TV. 

Whatever furniture you choose, you should be sure that it will fit in with your plan for the room. Otherwise, it may look out of place and take the focus away from the rest of the room. 

 Bright living area with dining table

2. Lighting

You might be surprised by what some simple lighting can do to your room. It can either make a room look inviting and warm, or it can make the room look washed out and cold. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, lighting can play a big part in making it all work together. 

The savvy use of natural light tends to be a consistently great way to illuminate a room. If you are lucky enough to have some natural light coming in, then you should try not to place things in the way. Allow as much of the natural light to come into the room as possible, as long as it doesn’t compromise the usability of the space. 

You can also use lighting to highlight a corner of the room or to add light to a dark area. Many people also put light strips around bookcases and in recesses to add atmosphere. This type of lighting can also help create a cosy atmosphere if you don’t want the main lights on. 

3. Be Adventurous With Storage

If there is one thing that most people want, it’s storage. However, storage can take up crucial space in a room, and cause small rooms to look even smaller. 

It can be a good time when redecorating a room to look at your storage options and see if you can increase the overall level of storage space available. Don’t be afraid to try new things or to be creative. You can create bookcases and paint them to make them a focal point of the room. 

Another alternative is to create seating under windows that also contain storage. This will give you more seating, in addition to creating additional storage. Looking for antique items of storage can be a great way to add a focal point to the room. Search for an old bookcase or perhaps a cabinet and see if you can create something to meet your needs. 

Many people try to hide their storage so that it isn’t seen, however, you can also do the opposite and make it part of the room. A large antique chest in the corner of the room will add character, especially if the theme of the room matches it. 

Other Options

Apart from these three options, there are other things that you can do to spruce up your living room. 

  • Use colour to accentuate one wall or certain areas of the room. This can make a room look bigger than it actually is. 
  • Mirrors are another way to make a small room look bigger. Large mirrors on the walls will have the best effect. 


These are just a few of the ideas that you can use to spruce up your living room. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try things that might be outside of your comfort zone.