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3 Stages of Siding Replacement

Construction of the frame house. Siding installation

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Most homeowners do not know what is happening in a siding replacement project. So, when they contact siding contractors to do the job or get an estimate, they don’t know what to expect. To understand what is happening in siding replacement projects, read on as below the three main steps done by the siding company in the replacement process.

1. Removal of the Original Siding

Usually, the first stage that siding companies do in a siding project is removing the existing siding; the only exception is when installing metal siding over specific types of existing siding. The tools you require to remove the siding will arrive with your siding contractor.

The contractor might opt to remove all of the sidings before replacing them, or the team will begin installing new siding as soon as the removers are through with a portion of the house.

 Construction of the frame house. Siding installation

2. Replacing the Sheathing

The sheathing is a protective layer behind the siding that offers extra insulation, increases the wall’s strength, and provides a surface to attach to the siding. When the old siding is removed from the house, your siding contractor will inspect the existing sheathing. The siding contractor will remove the sheathing and replace it with a fresh layer if it is compromised or damaged in any manner.

3. Installing the New Siding

New siding installation is the third and last phase in a siding replacement job. Before beginning, this project phase, ensure that your contractor prepares a place to pile the new siding before transporting them to the house. The siding won’t remain there long enough to harm the lawn, yet it will require storage where it will stay for a few days somewhere within your property.