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4 Easy Tips To Make Mattresses Last Longer  

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A mattress is one of the essential things in your home. It’s where you relax and rest after a long busy day. This home fixture is your gateway to a good night’s sleep. In other words, it’s your life companion. Whether your bed mattress is expensive or not, comfort and functionality are the only things that truly matters.

While various mattress manufacturers, such as Queensway Mattress company offer high-quality mattresses that can last for many years, however, the service life of these products is dependent on how you take care of them. 

So, how can you keep your mattress in good condition for a long time? To help you out, here are four easy tips to follow:

Use A Mattress Protector

Using a mattress protector is one of the easiest ways to make your bed mattress maintain its good condition. This bedding accessory serves as the mattress cover’s first line of defense against allergens, dirt, dust, stains, sweat, and spills. It plays a crucial role in making your mattress last longer.

When choosing a mattress protector, it’s best to go for a waterproof one. This option ensures that your mattress is 100% safe from liquid damage. Another thing you need to look at is the material of the protector. It should be made of high-quality construction materials to prevent any tearing and ripping.

Your mattress protector should fit perfectly well on your mattress too. For a tight and secure fit, make sure you get the right size of the product. In addition, the protector should have a soft, breathable, and comfortable surface. That way, you’re not just taking great care of your bed mattress but also getting more quality sleep.

Get The Right Support

Proper support is another idea to make your mattress last longer. While others place their mattress directly on the floor, it’s best to put a bed frame or box-spring under it. Such a supportive foundation helps extend your mattress’s service life by preventing sagging and body impressions from appearing.

If you have a slat or adjustable bed frame, ensure that it’s properly installed to hold up your mattress adequately. It’s also best to check your mattress and bed frame compatibility. That means you need to look at its size, shape, and dimensions. A mattress that fits perfectly well on your bed frame has the best support and comfort.

For instance, a queen-sized mattress should rest on a queen-sized frame. Otherwise, if the frame is larger than the mattress, it’ll create gaps and cause the mattress to move or slide, resulting in damage over time. On the other hand, if the frame is too small, it’ll do no good supporting your bed mattress.

Having the proper foundation can help prolong the life of your mattress by taking care of its support and alignment. Just ensure you get a solid and durable frame to support your weight and the bed mattress.

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Rotate Or Flip Your Mattress

You may not realize it, but regularly turning and rotating your mattress will help make it last longer. This home care activity can help maintain your mattress’s surface balance. It also ensures that the material is distributed evenly, which prevents any folding and other damages.

It’s best to rotate your bed mattress from end to end at least every two to three months. Doing this method is beneficial, especially if you have an old mattress that needs a refreshment or a new one that requires a break-in.

Have Your Mattress Professionally Cleaned

Professionally deep cleaning your mattress enhances the quality and comfort of your bed. This straightforward tip involves giving your mattress a good scrub with the right tool. You can use a solution made from baking soda and water to eliminate those pesky bed bugs.

This task might seem like a tedious thing to do since it needs proper and careful handling. You may hire a house cleaning service to do the job for you. Or, if you’re a do-it-yourself enthusiast, you can get a cleaning product and deep-clean your mattress yourself.

Most manufacturers include cleaning instructions in the user manual of your mattress. Use this information as a guide to help you do it properly and safely. You can also look for mattress cleaning tips online to help you figure out some home care practices.

Additionally, you must also vacuum your mattress every one to three months and stain spot-cleaned when necessary. Doing so will keep your mattress in good shape and improves its overall functionality.


Mattresses are a significant investment of your money. That’s why it’s best to exert more effort in taking care of them properly. Doing the right things, especially the most basic home care tips, will help extend your mattress’ service life. On top of that, a well-maintained mattress can contribute to the quality of your sleep and save you from future expenses in the long run.