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4 Great Ways To Use Your Photos Around The Home

4 Great Ways To Use Your Photos Around The Home

Blue Bird from Pexels

Believe it or not, it’s been almost 25 years since the first smartphone was invented. In that time, the number of photos humanity takes on a yearly basis has risen at an exponential rate – last year, even with a pandemic ravaging the globe, we still managed to collectively take 1.12 trillion photos. That’s well over 100 per person, which is quite impressive! However, despite this plethora of wonderful images available to us all, we still sometimes struggle to figure out what to do with them. That’s where this article comes in, where we’ll be helping you figure out 4 great ways to use your photos around the home.

1. The Classic Canvas

The first, and for many people the best, option is the classic photo canvas. If you have an image that you particularly love then having it blown up, put on a high-quality canvas, and hung on a wall can give your house a true feeling of being a home. I find that the best photos for this are ones where you’re with your loved ones (whether friends, family, or your beloved pet) or in a phenomenal location. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a photo that you have a particular connection with, because you’re going to have to look at it a lot!

2. Coffee Table Photo Album

You’ll be surprised how many conversations a large photo album left out on your living room coffee table can spark. Any guest that is left in the room for longer than a few seconds will immediately pick up the book and start leafing through, being exposed to all the wonderful photos that you’ve decided to put on display. We recommend not only getting a photobook that allows you to put a photo on the cover, but making sure that the photos you pick for your book have a theme to bring it all together. Great ideas are wedding day photo albums, photos of the family, or photos from various holidays. Whatever you choose, we’re sure your new statement piece will get conversation flowing in no time at all.

 4 Great Ways To Use Your Photos Around The Home

3. Mugs To Make You Smile

One of my favorite ways to use the photos that mean the most to me is to put them on objects that I will interact with on a regular basis. For me, this means putting them on the mug from which I drink my morning coffee. I currently have 3 coffee mugs – one with a photo of each of my family members. This way, no matter how far away they are from me, I’ll still be able to have coffee with them each morning in my own way. Whilst a mug might not be the best option for you, consider ways in which you can ensure that images of the people you love greet you as you make your way around your home.

4. Photo Gifts For Friends & Family

Of course, if you’re certain that your home can’t improve any more than it already has, don’t hesitate to think about who amongst your loved ones would like a photo of yourself to lighten up their own home. There are few people who wouldn’t love to receive a fantastic photo of themselves with their best friend for their birthday, let alone a photo that’s been printed onto a canvas to hang up in their home. And with Christmas just around the corner already, there’s no harm in keeping these photo tips in mind when time comes to buy those gifts.