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4 Paint Color Trends For 2023

Neutral-colored kitchen

Looking to upgrade your home this year? A new coat of paint is one of the best ways to completely revamp the style and feel of your home without doing a significant renovation. Over time, your walls or home exterior may look dirty or worn down, even if you try your best to keep the paint fresh and clean. By changing your paint color, you’ll get a newer-looking house that looks contemporary and clean.

So, whether you want to paint the front door, your living room, or the entire house, here are the best paint color trends of the year.

Hopefully, you will feel inspired to pick your next hue.

A Note On Paint Finishes

When choosing a paint color, you also want to consider paint finishes. The finish of the paint you choose also makes a difference. High-gloss finishes look elegant but are challenging to clean. They are best for a more elevated, sleek space, such as a dining room that isn’t used very often.

Eggshell is best for high-traffic areas or if you have kids or pets. It’s the easiest to apply and clean. Finally, an excellent middle-ground finish is satin. It’s between high gloss and eggshell, although it does show mistakes in the painting process. So, you might want to hire a professional to apply a satin finish paint.

Malted Brown

If you stay up-to-date on design trends, whether in fashion or home interiors, you’ve probably noticed that blacks and grays have cornered the market on neutrals. These cooler neutrals have been popular for years, but things are shifting rapidly.

With influences from the 60s and 70s, brown, beige, and tan are having a resurgence. But, brown doesn’t have to look drab. Instead, it can reflect earthy, natural aesthetics. A deep, malty brown is an excellent option for an accent wall or front door.

 Dining room with magenta walls


While magenta is one color you might not be able to identify quickly, it’s one you’ll want to know about in 2023. Magenta shades are becoming more popular, as well as reds in general. While magenta is bold, it works well in a kitchen or as an accent color, whether inside or outside.

Magenta is a red with pinkish undertones, so you can mix it with colors like orange, blue, and even pink, depending on your personal style. There’s a reason it’s one of the colors of the year.


Deep green colors have been all the range in home interiors. From forest green to mossy green, you’ve likely seen these shades on kitchen cabinets, living room walls, and more. While green isn’t out of style, teal blues are becoming more popular. It’s a slight shift from the greenish shades from the past years and you’ll find varying shades. Some are more blue and some are more green.

If you want a contemporary, luxurious kitchen, choose a deep teal. You can also consider this as an outdoor color for use on your home’s siding.

Mixing Neutrals

When designing a room or a home exterior, you might have heard you have to pick cool tones of warm tones, but this isn’t the case. One of the biggest trends right now is to mix cool and warm-toned neutrals together. So, consider using warm beiges alongside cool blues. You can create exciting combos with the paint on your walls, cabinets, and baseboards. Then, decorate accordingly.

Overall, paint color trends for 2023 are eclectic and unique. You’ll find a range of neutrals and bright accent colors, so it’s easy to find a style that fits your home and your likes.